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December 18, 2006



I think that SSB, or whatever they're calling themselves this week, need to face a painful fact: Leo DiCaprio is the only white boy who can hang out in sub-Saharan Africa without being seen as out of place by the locals.


"turf wars: the Musical" coming soon to an investigation near you. Well, at least the SSB folks aren't leaking all over the place to "shape policy". Odd how when you P.O. the Goose that lays the golden eggs the "eggs" get brown and small. The Bush Admin shouldn't put their dislike of some CIA bureaucrats ahead of National Security but it's not that surprising when it happens.

Tony Foresta

What were the Secret Scquirrels doing in Paraguay?

retired boeing op

This outfit has been around for a long time, early eighties. Started by a guy named Carl Mcgrew and an ex smokejumper named Teter. I worked with them on MTI work in China. I'm amazed this has surfaced. This was the deepest "Black Bag" DOD ever came up with.So much for seceracy.

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  • A tip of the hat to investigative journalist Tim Shorrock who inspired the name of this blog with his path-breaking 2005 article, "The Spy Who Billed Me."

    Shorrock has a dedicated web page on outsourcing in intel. It links to many of his articles which are must-reads for anyone interested in the privatization of intelligence.