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July 07, 2007


Rogue Male

Frankly, I'm not at all convinced that "corporate values and ethics" are necessarily inferior to "those of public service."

One might also ruminate more on the potential "whys" of the contractor surge...

Rogue Male

Sorry, the first url is incomplete, try the Clairmont Review of Books page, scroll down to "Codevilla on the CIA"


Corporations must, first and foremost, answer to their stockholders via the measurement of profitability. As the late, and not particularly lamented, CIA Directorate of Administration (DA) discovered during it's "Working Capital Fund" exercise, there are quite a few things that the CIA must do that just aren't "profitable". Ultimately, like all failed businesses, a thoroughly dysfunctional and demoralized DA was taken out of its misery and disolved by a successful businessman, then CIA Executive Director "Buzzy" Krongard. Ironically, Krongard's tenure, in which he elevated the administrative functions of the CIA to superiority over collection and analysis, was equally flawed. The politically correct, pseudo business ethics and values imbued upon two or three generations of CIA support types during this era will take years to undo. Fortunately for the operators and analysts, green badgers who have the skills and can bill Uncle Sam on a cost plus profit basis can keep the place supported until a generation of support types who understand that mission comes first, last and always can be raised.


This is from your Washington Post Article.

"But as the center of gravity shifts from the public sector to the private, more than one independent intelligence firm has developed plans to "raise" succeeding generations of officers within its own training systems."

What company would this be?


Still have concerns regarding "profit based" corporations having that kind of access to our national security....

Also kudos to Ms. Hillhouse regarding the "Washington Post" article....

Her area of expertise truly needs more press exposure....


Erik Rader

There are a lot of areas where I'm completely comfortable with the government using private companies.

Unfortunately, intelligence collection and analysis are not two of those areas, and this causes me substantial concern, as we base our entire foreign policy and much of our military strategy on what the CIA provides.

I just don't see a profit-driven company being impartial enough to provide accurate, objective and timely intelligence.


I'm afraid that I have to disagree on the impartiality of profit-driven companies. Such companies make hundreds of dispassionate, objective judgements every day, both for themselves and for their clients. In the case of intelligence contractors, with such a competitive field, they realize that one instance of acting in their own interests at the expense their client (i.e., the government) and they will be out the door permanently. I had contractors, both corporate and individual, working for me when I was with the government. I found their services to be of consistently high quality. They had to be, or I would've fired them and got someone else.

The issue is one of span of control. When there are so few "blue badgers" that they have to start hiring "green badgers" so as to quality control and oversee the rest of their green badge workforce, you risk losing acceptable accountability. Govt employees are accountable to the taxpayer. Corporate employees are ultimately accountable to the stockholder.

Erik Rader


As a current government employee in a highly outsourced environment, it's not only been my experience but a statistical certainty that the more "green" badgers (here at NAWCWD China Lake, they're "brown" badgers) you have in an organization, the more likely it is that eventually those contractors will work towards the betterment of their own company, not the government.

It appears as though we're thinking along the same lines, but using different words/phrases to voice the same thing - there's an accountability and possible conflict of interest issue, one that shouldn't be there in an intelligence organization.



Just picked up that you were in China Lake. I was there a couple of weeks ago and it was so hot that I actually sought refuge in the Ridgecrest MacDonald's. They ought to do a public service advertisement with an egg, something like, "This is your brain. This is your brain at China Lake." Warm regards (and I mean that sincerely).

Hillary and Gore

I strongly agree with R.J.Hillhouse. We have a blog which explains the theory behind the outsourcing. thanks.

Hillary and Gore: Money Laundering

 R J Hillhouse

"Hillary and Gore,"

Nothing like another conspiracy theory to add levity to my day.

I do advise anyone with the surplus time to visit that link to first pull on their tinfoil hats.


Hillary and Gore

To R.J. Hillhouse:
Conspiracy theory or not, what you say confirms our statements. Also our blog appeared before your article about outsourcing. And you have not explained the reasons for outsourcing. We do explain it. Nice to hear your theory about outsourcing.
Hillary and Gore

R J Hillhouse

Okey dokey.

Dan in NY

Just heard the DemocracyNow interview. Ms. Hillhouse's research is certainly a great contribution to the efforts of citizens to promote transparency and prevent government from spinning out of control. There is a lot of important new information here. I believe she gives these corporations too much credit however when she suggests that the outsourcing is not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to intelligence. We have seen that where outsourcing for war operations, privatization of prisons and other government operations pit the profit motive against the greater good, the greater good has consistently lost out. The prison populations have not exploded because we suddenly have much more crime but rather because it has become an "industry" with "beds to fill" and corporations which profit from this are feeding the revenues back into the political process. Military contractors routinely scam the public for hundreds of millions, sometimes get fined, and major ones rarely get booted out of the procurement system. If our intelligence is made dependent on private contractors, you can be sure that we will be inundated with leaks about the many "threats", and that these will justify continued staff-ups. Moreover, the CIA already has a tremendous accountability problem - adding a private layer to this cannot but make this worse. Recommended read: "The Fox In the Henhouse" by Si Kahn. Hear his interview on DemocracyNow at

Hillary and Gore

Mr. Dan in New York:
It is not the corporations who are doing the outsourcing. It is the US government doing the outsourcing. And US government is not run by corporations as some claim.

Hillary and Gore

To R.J. Hillhouse:
A conspiracy theory is based on known facts and can not predict the future facts. It is a possible way that reality could be but which is not. Our theory predicted a future fact. We do not know anything about CIA or outsourcing. But our theory predicted outsourcing which turned to be correct.


One only needs to combine the above with Katherine Eban's revelations on and today's DN! re "reverse engineering" and SEER to see how corporations are positioning themselves for totalitarian control.

Black psyops against the American people is a hypothesis with evidence and plenty of predictions that have come true - start with Orwell's 1984 and the writings of Christopher Simpson.

No so-called conspiracy theories or tin-foil hats are required.

Since "old conservatives" Vigueri, Barr, Fine and Keane have broken with Bush to form an Ameican Freedom Agenda organization, we have one more logical inference that totalitarian gov/private hidden agendas have coalesced to the point where the battle for freedom is rapidly being lost.

Boozing Allen Dulles


Just read your blog. SAIC has tapped your phone lines and Raytheon is surveiling you through your TVs (Get your hand off of Hillary's boob, Gore!). Triple C is handling the hit. We've got the targeting and oversight contract. Better luck next time, Abraxas.

Hillary and Gore

"Market-based" Governance
In an article by Philip Zelikow, John Deutch and Ashton Carter - "Catastrophic Terrorism: Elements of a National Policy" they explain the re-organization of US government in these terms:

* The goal is to implement "market-based" governance - which is fascist government to replace the American System of government - effectively dissolving the U.S. government except for the facade. (Foreign Affairs, November/December 1998)

As we see later Mr. John Deutch had a direct role in what he was talking about.

 R J Hillhouse

Hillary and Gore,

We all know Booz Allen Dulles usually does mediocre job at best, so I'm not counting on their aforementioned targeting and oversight contract to take care of things, so I'm going to have to step in.

This is not a billboard to advertise your latest half-baked conspiracy theory. Attributing your whacked out quotes to the Carter, Deutsch, Zelikow Foreign Affairs article is dishonest and unacceptable.

I don't have time or interest to police your ramblings so any further comments pointing to your site or citing anyone else will be deleted.

Move along.


Hillary and Gore

RJ Hillhouse:
Mr. Deutch is saying the bad guys are planning to do Market-based governance. And check foreign affairs. It is in the article.

Actually Mr. John Deutch is confirming the reasons for outsourcing.

R J Hillhouse

I absolutely did check the Foreign Affairs article since it was obvious to me it was being misquoted. Deutsch is not saying that and the quote you attribute to the article is nowhere to be found therein.

Although it didn't work out very well for several reasons, one of the few smart things Deutsch did at the Agency was try to introduce some market-based concepts to governance in the form of the Working Capital Fund and some other innovations which were actually, the brain children of Dick Calder. Calder's reforms were all about bringing some accountability and rationality to government--something the bureaucracy obviously didn't like.


Hillary and Gore

You can delete this post:

According to the source is Foreign Affairs Journal. There might be a difference with Harvard University version of the article which you use. The Foreign affairs version is not available for the public unless you buy the article.

R J Hillhouse

Thanks, but the posts remain as an example of "Hillary and Gore's" quality work, drawing upon such unimpeachable experts as Nice to know just how well sourced your conspiracy theories are.

I seriously doubt that there's a substantial difference between the version of article posted by the Kennedy School and the original in Foreign Affairs, particularly one that would have resulted in such a shift in voice, tone and argument.

As I said last night, move along. I have zero tolerance for intellectual dishonesty in general and idiocy in particular. You strike out on both counts.

If you don't move on, I'll start deleting your posts. I don't have the time or interest to play with you anymore and we obviously can't trust a damn thing you have to say.

Bye Bye.


Hillary and Gore

I checked the articles. You are correct. This is what Deutch says:

Non-profit and even for-profit entities are taking on tasks once thought of as the sole province of government. Markets are being created and used to produce public as well as private goods.

Can a system which attempts to meet a variety of social needs through market mechanisms and via non-governmental organizations really guarantee equality of treatment? Can innovative governmental organizations also be accountable to elected officials and to the public?

These are momentous questions, and they illustrate why large-scale social and governmental change does not happen overnight. Our challenge is to find the value in change, and that will require new visions of governance for the 21st century.

This is what Mr. norgesen says:
The goal is to implement "market-based" governance - which is fascist government to replace the American System of government - effectively dissolving the U.S. government except for the facade.

I misunderstood mr. norgesen quotation marks. But his interpretation is correct and indicates the real reasons for outsourcing.

R J Hillhouse

H & G,

As soon as your comment came up, I logged on to delete it as promised, but you do such a brilliant job of hanging yourselves in it, I'm going to leave it.


Hillary and Gore

Brother Boozing(?) Allen Dulles::

Allah Akbar, God is Great. Peace be on You. Thanks for the information. I did not know about phone tapping. I make many calls to Brother Osama B Laden in addition to calls to the local Pizza Delivery Shop. I am going to be very careful about my calls, I mean to the Pizzeria. I knew that Pizza Hut is run by the US government. No. Sorry I mean the US government is run by Pizza Hut. That is the reason for the invasion of Iraq. They want to send more Pizzas to Iraq.

Praise The Lord and Pass the Ammunition.
Just read your blog. SAIC has tapped your phone lines and Raytheon is surveiling you through your TVs (Get your hand off of Hillary's boob, Gore!). Triple C is handling the hit. We've got the targeting and oversight contract. Better luck next time, Abraxas.

Posted by: Boozing Allen Dulles | July 31, 2007 at 15:54

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