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October 17, 2007


Tom Griffin

The Pentagon response to the Blackwater episode certainly looks a lot different to its reaction to the Aegis trophy video incident.

Kathryn Cramer

Hi Tom. Though Robert Young Pelton disagrees with me an attributes the big Aegis contract to ignorance & stupidity rather than intention, I've always felt that the Pentagon contracted with Spicer because of his reputation, not in spite of it. Spicer was the guy who would break a few eggs to make the omelet they wanted. So a few eggs got broken; they ignored it.

Erik Prince is no Tim Spicer. With Blackwater, there was a smooth sales pitch that I think allowed the US gov to ignore things like the Rambo-style image that dominated the look of their website at the time of Fallujah and the generally aggressive affect of their Iraq operators.

Tom Griffin

Hi Kathyrn,

There's a suggestion along those lines in Deborah Avant's book, The Market for Force.

Mad Dogs

Gee, a turf war between Secretary of Defense Bob Gates who was formerly the Director of Central Intelligence, and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency General Michael V. Hayden who is still an active-duty member of the Department of Defense (Air Force).

You are right RJ, all is not what it seems to be.

And the winner will be? Ladies and Gentlemen, place your bets. *g*


Great blog and an interesting post.

If the Pentagon had control over contractor guards in the CIA Special Activities Division these guards are more likely to advise what sources (agents) CIA officers are meeting. Presuming Case Officer are still guarded when they're on the job.

This may see DIA officers poaching those agents. Hence the turf battle may get even more heated.


seviyeli sohbet

Is there a connection between Cia and Mossad?


You are funny :) there is no of course...

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    Shorrock has a dedicated web page on outsourcing in intel. It links to many of his articles which are must-reads for anyone interested in the privatization of intelligence.