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« Bureau of Diplomatic Security Gives Immunity to Bureau of Diplomatic Security's Blackwater Contractors | Main | It's Not the Blackwater Cowboys, But Cowboy Diplomacy »

October 31, 2007


Tom Griffin

The investigation into the trophy video would suggest that if anything, Aegis is less accountable than Blackwater:


Who cares what the truth is? The point here is for congressional Democrats to score political points against the Bush administration. If this means putting Spicer's boys in charge, they could care less. In fact, if Spicer modifies the "rules of engagement" of all of the State contractors so that they match those of the trophy video, so much the better to embarass their political opponents and seize the White House in 2008. In the cold calculus of politics.

Tom Griffin

A lot senior Democrats are on the record about the Aegis contract:

 R J Hillhouse

Retired has a good point. Perhaps Spicer will use the Aegis trophy video as a training video for BW.

Jerry Spencer

Absolutely love the irony. I for one happen to be a fan of Spicer and of Blackwater as well.

Damn the Democrats, Full speed ahead!!!!!


Not an Elvis fan eh?

It's "Mystery Train" not "Runaway Train." One is a classic rock tune, the other a middling folk rock ditty from Minneapolis.


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  • A tip of the hat to investigative journalist Tim Shorrock who inspired the name of this blog with his path-breaking 2005 article, "The Spy Who Billed Me."

    Shorrock has a dedicated web page on outsourcing in intel. It links to many of his articles which are must-reads for anyone interested in the privatization of intelligence.