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November 03, 2007



hey, wonderful blog, just read about you in yet another article...though i'm confused - is this just a blackwater blog? i don't see any articles on diligence llc (another retirement home for agency figures)...

btw, i like that black leather jacket pic - has a sorta 'cagney and lacey' feel to it ;)


The French Foreign Legion gets paid about 15% of what Blackwater mercenary gets and they are better trained. Maybe we should subcontract with the Legion and save some cash to pay off the 2.5 trillion dollars Bush has spent that he did not have in these long 7 years of his reign.

 R J Hillhouse


I cover both outsourcing of military and intel in this blog. Blackwater has dominated discussions of late due to the topicality of the issue. And keep in mind Blackwater is very involved in CIA contracting.

For intel related posts are filed in the following categories:

Intelligence Community and
private intel corporations.



Phil wrote: "The French Foreign Legion gets paid about 15% of what Blackwater mercenary gets and they are better trained." This just isn't true, it's a glib, sarcastic statement based on ignorance, at least of Blackwater. For the most part, Blackwater is much better trained for the mission that they are paid to undertake. Furthermore, they are much better equipped for their specific mission than the French Foreign Legion could ever hope to be.

By the way, I've been shot at by the French Foreign Legion (and others, for that matter). If it had been Blackwater doing the shooting in the same situation, I would be dead.

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  • A tip of the hat to investigative journalist Tim Shorrock who inspired the name of this blog with his path-breaking 2005 article, "The Spy Who Billed Me."

    Shorrock has a dedicated web page on outsourcing in intel. It links to many of his articles which are must-reads for anyone interested in the privatization of intelligence.