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February 07, 2008


Tony Foresta

Contractors were intimitately involved in the the most extreme abuses in Abu Gharab, Bhagram, and Gitmo, so this is really not news.

The more disturbing vector, and one that I see as inevitable is a point sometime soon at which the activities of contractors actually conflicts with the missions of uniformed military or intelligence assets and agencies. How, and by what means would such a conflict be resolved, and by whom?

Since contractors are evidently shielded or immune from any legal recourse, and bound by no laws or known codes, - exactly how, and by what means would that resolution be enforced?

The critical problems with contractors involves the accountability and loyalty issues.

Are they accountable and loyal to the American people, the Constitution, America, or is their accountibility and loyalty sworn souly to whomever issues thier nobid, openended, multi-hundred million dollar contracts?

"Deliver us from evil!"

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  • A tip of the hat to investigative journalist Tim Shorrock who inspired the name of this blog with his path-breaking 2005 article, "The Spy Who Billed Me."

    Shorrock has a dedicated web page on outsourcing in intel. It links to many of his articles which are must-reads for anyone interested in the privatization of intelligence.