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August 29, 2008



RJ: I can't believe you pulled up the standard "scary black-uniformed thugs" photo that is used ad nauseum by the worst of the tinfoil hat crowd. The guys in the photo are New Orleans SWAT officers on patrol, not BW guards!! The photo was taken by Rick Wilking of Reuters (see here: You even used the version with the guy on the right, who is the one most clearly a law enforcement officer, cropped out. Oy vey.

R J Hillhouse


Your point's well taken. I didn't know the background of the photo, but chose it very quickly as a placeholder. I was hurrying to get the post off before a lunch meeting and couldn't quickly find one of a Gustav image, but had that one on my hard drive. It has now been swapped out with a thermal image of Gustav.



Tony Foresta

Photo aside, why in godz name is Blackwater be deployed to New Orleans again.

The people of NO needs assistance no mercenaries doing the bidding and protecting the interests of the fascists in the Bush government. These monies would be much better used providing adequate transportation, housing, food, water, and medical attention to our fellow American in NO who cannot afford to, or have no viable options for evacuating.

Wallace Ritchie

This post feels like a recruiting ad. Are you now trying to get the word out on behalf of Blackwater, or are you just reporting the news here? The perverse insanity that is disaster profiteering is pretty obvious, but hardly self-explanatory. I am certain you have some great comments on such matters, and look forward to hearing more about it.


New Orleans is a bunch of bums and thieves, so instead of giving themselves 80 million again, we're giving them federal resources that they want for free, like their houses. Federal resources mean federal jobs because they're bums and want everything free instead of taking care of the problem like everyone else; It's money for free so people get work.

Bradley W Mallory

For those who have never worked a me the money isn't as great as one would think. We are seperated from family and friends, we are put in tents and work 12 hours on and 12 off everyday until told different. We deal with the best of the bottom feeders at times and must maintain our prefessionalism at all times. For those who think we are just bums and thugs and merecenaries...please educate yourself and attempt to look into the time and training most have and serve. To top this off, the money we make is spent in the USA. Sincerely Retire Army Officer, past correctional Lieutenant, and a professional security Officer who worked during Katrina and Rita.


Blackwater managed to control the scumbag population of sub human thugs in the aftermath of Katrina. New Orleans experienced 3 months of almost no crime in the aftermath of Katrina. These good men put down some of the worst human degenerates of all time. The world should bow down and be greatful that they will provide their services to the community.


I worked Katrina for the DOD on restoring communications. The place was horrible. There wasnt just humans dead, there were hundreds of thousands of dead pets and wildlife. The smell alone was enough to keep most away. Then you had to be extremely careful of your health... dont let yourself get cut on anything, etc. Then you had to worry about the low lifes taking pop shots at you. Everyone was practically required to carry, at the very least the law didnt care if contractors did and expected them to.

It did pay well, but during the work times it was pretty miserable living. I was in a trailor and had water, but many lived in tents and could only shower when they went home on weekends. It's not like you think it is ... eg: easy work, nice living, great pay. Most who were there the first time most likely wont go a second time regardless of pay offered. At least, not if it's to be the same as it was last time.

Personally I think it's a waste to rebuild a second time. Waste of time, resources, and tax dollars. The ONLY thing that needs to go in there this time is Blackwater and other mercernaries and let them handle it all, it's cheaper.

Comandante Null

The commenter affirm that many, "Americans" are truly evil, ignorant Fascists.


Many of you commenters are very gung ho and elitist about the people of New Orleans. What would you expect when suddenly your city and everything you own, everything you had was wiped out? And to top it off the Federal government who *should* be the ones to provide aid and assistance to get the city back on its feet fumbles the ball. Big time? You think you would not be taking pot shots? You think you would not be angry? And to top it off, it was absolutely, completley avoidable in both the long and short run. Just remember, a disaster could happen anywhere, to any one. What's a better scenario: having an armed police state thrust upon you, while witholding aide and assistance; or feeling like competent, effective aid and assistance is at hand and working? Which one is more effective at managing a population? Some of you need to really take a closer look at yourselves and how you understand force and power. Many of you sound like the petty, despotic dictators you claim to despise.

Bramlet Abercrombie

id rather recruit 18-25 and offer them free college tuition if they help out for 6 months.


my elderly mother lives in NO and she's not a bum or a thief. why such hate.

Tony Foresta

Blackwater is a wingnut organization run by wingnut dominionist leadership and peopled with fascist brutes mesmerized by the unadulterated power afforded to them by the fascists in the Bush government, and thirsting to kill someone.

I have many friends in NO as well, none of whom are brutes or thugs. In fact, it is the corrupt NO pigs, - I mean police, and bloodthirsty goons in Blackwater that are a waste of the peoples money. What does Blackwater offer, that the National Guard does not? You people make me shamed to be an American.


I guess all of the preceding mindless ranting gives us an idea of the high class of people that read this blog. This is not the time or the place for redneck, puffed chest, anonymous bickering.

Nappy Rash

What a great website this is, just found it via the QinetiQ website, marvellous.

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