Thu. Nov 30th, 2023
    3M Embraces Automation to Address Labor Shortages

    In response to a growing shortage of available workers, global conglomerate 3M has shifted its focus towards automation solutions. While it has had a robotics lab for over 30 years, it is only in recent years that 3M has actively promoted its robotic offerings as a means to address labor shortages.

    3M’s director of robotics and automation application engineering, Scott Barnett, acknowledges the direction in which their customers are moving. He states, “They can’t get people. There’s a major labor shortage, so they’re all looking for ways to automate.”

    With automation gaining momentum across industries, 3M recognizes its significance in ensuring future growth. As per a McKinsey survey, billions of dollars will be invested in industrial automation in the coming years, and 3M intends to capitalize on this opportunity.

    By embracing automation, 3M aims to assist its customers in streamlining their operations, reducing reliance on manual labor, and increasing productivity. The company’s wide range of products, combined with their expertise in automation solutions, positions them to provide tailored robotic systems to various industries.


    Q: Why has 3M recently started promoting its robotic solutions?
    A: 3M has observed a significant labor shortage, prompting them to actively promote automation as a solution.

    Q: What are 3M’s goals with regard to automation?
    A: 3M aims to assist its customers by implementing automation to streamline operations and address labor shortages.

    Q: What is driving the increased focus on automation?
    A: The need for automation has intensified due to a shortage of available workers.

    Q: What advantages does 3M offer in the field of automation?
    A: 3M has a wide range of products and extensive experience in providing customized automation solutions to various industries.