Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    New Title: Chalkville Elementary School Achieves Robotics Excellence in National Competition

    In a remarkable showcase of talent and innovation, two teams from Chalkville Elementary School have recently made their mark in the prestigious Fall 2023 Coderz League Robotics Competition. Led by the accomplished Dr. Yuvraj Verma, a fifth-grade class team emerged as one of the top three United States Champions. Additionally, a second team secured an impressive 19th place among the fierce competition from 50 schools across the nation.

    The competition spanned several months, during which the students immersed themselves in solving over 40 complex missions by skillfully programming a cyber robot. Through their dedication, Dr. Verma’s young engineers demonstrated exceptional programming skills, seamlessly integrating engineering and mathematical concepts into practical, real-world scenarios.

    The success of Chalkville Elementary School in this competition could not have been achieved without the unwavering support of the school’s administration, headed by Principal Michael Bissell, and Assistant Principals Martin Austin and Yohna Mills. The encouragement and commitment of Jefferson County Schools Superintendent Dr. Walter Gonsoulin, Deputy Superintendents Dr. Laura Ware and Dr. Orletta Rush, Area Director Dr. Angela Bush, Director of Elementary Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Angela Watkins, members of the board of education, and the students’ families have also played a pivotal role in nurturing their passion for robotics.

    The accomplishments of these young aspiring engineers are not only a testament to their talent, but they also serve as an inspiration to students across the country. By showcasing their exceptional skills and ability to work seamlessly as a team, they have set a high standard for future generations of robotic enthusiasts.

    Q: What is the Coderz League Robotics Competition?
    A: The Coderz League Robotics Competition is a national competition where students program robots to solve a series of challenging missions.

    Q: How many teams participated in the competition?
    A: Approximately 50 school teams from across the country took part in the Fall 2023 Coderz League Robotics Competition.

    Q: How did the teams from Chalkville Elementary School perform?
    A: One team from Dr. Yuvraj Verma’s fifth-grade class achieved the prestigious title of United States Champions, while the other team secured 19th place overall.

    Q: What skills did the students showcase in the competition?
    A: The students demonstrated exceptional programming skills and teamwork, applying engineering and mathematical concepts to solve real-world challenges.