Mon. Sep 25th, 2023
    TechCrunch Disrupt: Top Reads from Investor and Founder Surveys

    If you’re attending TechCrunch Disrupt, be sure to come say hi! But if you’re not, don’t fret. We’ve gathered some insightful information from our recent investor and founder surveys to give you a primer on what’s happening in various tech sectors.

    Let’s dive into the top reads from our surveys:


    Mary Ann Azevedo explores the current fintech trends, including valuations and the impact of artificial intelligence. This survey provides a comprehensive look at the ever-evolving fintech landscape.


    In a two-part series, Tim De Chant examines fusion power and its potential to revolutionize energy production. These surveys delve into upcoming regulations, the science behind fusion, and the future prospects for this essential technology.


    Alex Wilhelm delves into how startups utilize cloud infrastructure and their strategies concerning single- and multi-cloud setups. This survey offers valuable insights for startups at different stages of growth.


    Anna Heim’s survey focuses on AI’s role in biotech, exploring its maturity, future prospects, and its significance beyond a passing trend. Discover how AI is shaping the biotech industry.


    Carly Page investigates why cybersecurity investors remain optimistic despite a year of low funding. The survey also highlights the advancements AI brings to the industry and its potential impact on security.


    Robotic investments may not be as hot as before, but Brian Heater takes a comprehensive look at the evolving state of the robotics industry. Explore the potential and future prospects of robotics investments.

    Stay informed with these surveys that offer deep insights into various sectors. Our TechCrunch+ team regularly interviews industry experts, investors, and founders to provide valuable knowledge about the ever-changing tech landscape.

    – Fintech: Financial technology, encompassing innovations in financial services.
    – SaaS: Software as a Service, a software licensing and delivery model where applications are accessed via the internet.
    – AI: Artificial Intelligence, the simulation of human intelligence in machines.
    – Fusion Power: a potential source of energy generation that involves the combination, or fusion, of atomic nuclei.
    – Robotics: The design, construction, and use of robots to perform a variety of tasks.

    – Mary Ann Azevedo’s fintech survey
    – Tim De Chant’s fusion power series
    – Alex Wilhelm’s SaaS survey
    – Anna Heim’s survey on AI’s role in biotech
    – Carly Page’s cybersecurity investor survey
    – Brian Heater’s robotics investment analysis