Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    Introducing Hopper: The Drone Revolutionizing STEM Education

    In an exciting development for the world of education, FTW Robotics, an edtech company based in Paramount, CA, has just unveiled their innovative new drone, Hopper. Designed specifically for educational purposes, Hopper is set to revolutionize the way students engage with STEM subjects by integrating coding, robotics, and engineering into one seamless learning experience.

    What sets Hopper apart is its ability to provide hands-on learning opportunities that inspire a lifelong interest in STEM and computer science. By combining flight theory, mechanical design, and coding, students are immersed in a comprehensive ecosystem that nurtures their curiosity and creativity. The result is a deeper understanding of the subject matter and a greater motivation to pursue careers in these fields.

    “We are thrilled to introduce Hopper, the cutting-edge drone that epitomizes our commitment to delivering collaborative technology,” comments Daniel Mehay, the COO and co-founder of FTW Robotics. “With Hopper, we aim to inspire learners of all ages and backgrounds and make STEM education more accessible than ever before.”

    To ensure the highest quality and security, Hopper is powered by a dual-core CPU and comes with a closed, secure software package. Its impressive hardware includes advanced computer vision capabilities, such as infrared and color imaging, which can be streamed over Wi-Fi. This combination of powerful technology and user-friendly design ensures that Hopper can cater to a wide range of educational needs.

    To further strengthen their position in the education sector, FTW Robotics has appointed Jennifer Nicholls as their new Chief Program Officer. With over two decades of experience in STEM education, Nicholls is passionate about breaking down the barriers that often discourage students from pursuing these subjects. Through her expertise and the integration of Hopper into classrooms nationwide, FTW Robotics hopes to reach up to 42 million potential learners.

    Hopper is truly a game-changer in the world of education. By offering an immersive and comprehensive learning experience, it has the potential to transform the way students approach STEM subjects and inspire a new generation of innovators and problem-solvers.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. What is Hopper?

    Hopper is a drone developed by FTW Robotics specifically for educational purposes. It combines coding, robotics, and engineering to provide a hands-on learning experience for students in the field of STEM.

    2. How does Hopper support STEM education?

    Hopper introduces students to flight theory, mechanical design, and coding using the latest drone and sensor technology. By immersing students in an integrated ecosystem, Hopper fosters a deeper understanding of these subjects and inspires a lifelong interest in STEM.

    3. Who is Jennifer Nicholls and what is her role?

    Jennifer Nicholls is the Chief Program Officer at FTW Robotics. With over 20 years of experience in STEM education, she is dedicated to making these subjects more accessible to learners of all ages and backgrounds. Her expertise will contribute to the development and implementation of educational programs involving Hopper.

    4. How secure is Hopper?

    Hopper is powered by a dual-core CPU and comes with a closed, secure software package. This ensures that the drone operates with high levels of security and reliability.

    5. How many potential learners can benefit from Hopper?

    FTW Robotics aims to introduce Hopper into classrooms nationwide, reaching up to 42 million potential learners and expanding access to future-ready education.