Mon. Nov 27th, 2023
    Highlands Middle School Joins the First Tech Challenge Robotics Season

    KENENWICK, Wash. – First Tech Challenge (FTC) kicks off its new season with the addition of Highlands Middle School to its roster of robotics teams. This year, the team has stepped out of their comfort zone, joining the ranks of local high school teams in the competition.

    With initial feelings of nervousness and anxiety, team member Adrian Viruegas has found the experience of learning robotics to be fun and rewarding. From coding to building and leadership, he has embraced the various aspects of the field. Despite encountering challenges along the way, Viruegas believes that robotics is a valuable skill that he can carry with him throughout his life.

    The new team at Highlands Middle School is fortunate to have received guidance and assistance from mentors at other nearby high school teams. Terri Clawson, the team’s advisor, faced the challenge of keeping a large group of 15 kids focused and on task. However, with determination and support, she and the team have overcome these obstacles.

    Looking ahead to the future, Viruegas is excited about the opportunities robotics can bring him in high school, including the potential for scholarships. He sees robotics not only as a way to have fun but also as a means to relax and exercise his brain.

    As the FTC season unfolds, there is a call for volunteers to support the teams and the event. If you’re interested in joining this exciting venture, you can sign up [source.domain] to contribute to the growth and success of these talented young robotics enthusiasts.


    1. What is First Tech Challenge?

    First Tech Challenge (FTC) is a robotics competition designed for middle and high school students. It offers participants the opportunity to learn coding, building, and leadership skills as they design and program their robots to complete challenging tasks.

    2. How can robotics benefit students?

    Robotics provides students with valuable skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and creativity. It also opens up opportunities for scholarships and future careers in STEM fields.

    3. How can I get involved as a volunteer?

    To volunteer for the First Tech Challenge, you can sign up through their official website [source.domain]. Your support and expertise can make a significant impact on the success and development of the participating teams.