Thu. Sep 28th, 2023
    ABB Invests $280 Million in New Robotics Campus in Sweden

    Swiss digital technology company ABB has announced a $280 million investment to construct a new robotics campus in Västerås, Sweden. The campus will serve as the central hub for ABB Robotics’ European operations, offering customers cutting-edge collaborative and industrial robots, along with digital solutions to enable flexible automation.

    The new facility, spanning 65,000 square meters, will consolidate the company’s current operations in Sweden, replacing nine separate buildings that have gradually been added since 1974. It will provide an updated workspace for ABB Robotics’ 1,300-strong workforce in the region. The campus will include a state-of-the-art facility, R&D hub, experiential center, and training venue for both customers and visitors.

    One of the key features of the campus will be the integration of autonomous mobile robots for transporting materials and products between the warehouse, assembly stations, and assembly departments. This investment is part of ABB’s commitment to expanding its production capacity by 50% and enhancing its ability to serve the European market.

    By consolidating its operations in Sweden, ABB aims to strengthen its position as a global leader in robotics and automation. The company has already invested in similar facilities in China and the US to meet customer demands and projected market growth. In Europe, approximately 95% of the robots sold by ABB are locally manufactured.

    The new campus will foster collaboration with customers and partners to develop innovative robotics and automation solutions within a secure and operational setting. It will also provide an opportunity to further develop the ecosystem while aligning with ABB’s 2030 sustainability targets. The company aims to achieve carbon neutrality in its operations and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    Construction of the robotics campus is scheduled to begin next year, with the expected completion in late 2026. This investment will solidify ABB’s presence in Europe and reinforce its commitment to supporting customers in various industries such as automotive, electronics, logistics, healthcare, e-commerce, and pharmaceuticals.

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