Sat. Nov 25th, 2023
    Transformation of the Construction Industry: Collaboration Between ABB Robotics and Porsche Consulting

    The construction industry is facing a multitude of challenges, including labor and skill shortages, the need for more affordable and sustainable buildings, and the environmental impact of construction. To address these issues, ABB Robotics and Porsche Consulting have joined forces with the aim of transforming the industry.

    By combining ABB’s leading robotic solutions with Porsche Consulting’s expertise in planning and running state-of-the-art factories, this collaboration intends to automate the manufacturing process of modular components for buildings. This automation will not only increase productivity but also enable greater customization, sustainability, and efficiency in construction practices.

    Labor shortages have significantly contributed to the shortage of housing in many countries. In the United States alone, labor shortages have led to a shortfall of nearly four million homes. Similarly, Germany is projected to experience housing supply shortages in 35 cities by 2030. The traditional construction sector is struggling to meet the demand for new homes, necessitating the adoption of more sustainable construction methods.

    Modular construction, facilitated by automated factories, offers several benefits. It reduces material wastage, minimizes the number of days lost to adverse weather conditions, and provides a safer working environment for construction workers. Construction workers currently account for around 30 percent of workplace injuries and are at a higher risk of fatal accidents compared to other sectors.

    Despite these advantages, the construction industry lags behind other sectors in terms of automation and robotics adoption. In a global survey conducted by ABB, only 55 percent of construction companies reported using robots, while the automotive and manufacturing sectors boasted adoption rates of 84 percent and 79 percent, respectively. However, the survey also revealed that 81 percent of construction businesses plan to introduce or increase the use of robotics and automation in the next decade.

    The collaboration between ABB Robotics and Porsche Consulting aims to bring their blueprint for robotic modular construction to life. This joint approach will elevate modular construction to new levels of quality, efficiency, design, and sustainability. By transferring technology and expertise to the construction sector, the two entities believe they can achieve the positive impact seen in other industries.

    With this innovative collaboration, the construction industry can meet the demand for more affordable and sustainable buildings while reducing its environmental footprint. The implementation of automated factories and modular construction methods will revolutionize the way homes are built, ultimately addressing the housing supply shortage and enhancing the industry’s overall efficiency and productivity.


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