Mon. Sep 25th, 2023
    ABB Invests $280 Million in New Robotics Campus in Sweden

    ABB, a leading technology company, has announced a $280 million investment to expand its manufacturing footprint in Europe and establish a new ABB Robotics European Campus in Västerås, Sweden. The new campus will serve as the hub for ABB Robotics’ offerings in Europe, providing customers with artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled collaborative and industrial robots, along with digital solutions to support flexible automation.

    With the goal of strengthening its ‘local for local’ production strategy, ABB aims to meet customer demand and projected market growth. The new facility, which is planned to open in late 2026, will replace the existing robotics facilities at the site. Currently, around 95% of the robots ABB sells in Europe are manufactured in this region, and the new campus will further enhance ABB’s capabilities to serve its European customers.

    The investment in the Robotics Campus in Västerås will not only expand production capacity by 50% but also solidify ABB’s position as a leader in robotics and automation globally. This project is part of ABB’s overall investment of $450 million in its three robotics facilities since 2018, including its mega factory in Shanghai, China, and its facility in Auburn Hills, USA.

    According to Marc Segura, President of ABB Robotics, the new sustainable facility in Sweden will focus on the development of digital and AI-enabled technologies, making robots more accessible and reducing the entry barrier for various industries. By building the campus in Västerås, ABB also aims to further consolidate the area as an automation cluster, benefiting from its proximity to customers, suppliers, academia, and partners.

    Overall, this investment highlights ABB’s commitment to meeting the growing demand for robotics in Europe and its dedication to innovation and sustainability in the industry.

    – ABB to invest US$280 million in its European Robotics hub (Hydrocarbon Engineering)