Mon. Sep 25th, 2023
    ABB to Invest $280 Million in European Robotics Hub Expansion

    ABB, a Switzerland-based technology company, plans to invest $280 million in expanding the production capacity and modernizing its European robotics hub in Sweden. The investment will involve the construction of a new integrated robotics campus, replacing nine existing buildings dating back to 1974. The project is set to begin next year, with completion expected in late 2026. This investment is part of ABB’s ongoing efforts to improve its robotics facilities globally, with a total expenditure of $450 million since 2018. The expansion in Sweden will increase ABB’s production capacity by 50%, enabling it to better serve the growing European market. The existing facility in Vasteras already manufactures around 95% of the robots that ABB sells in Europe.

    The expansion of ABB’s European robotics hub in Sweden is a significant move towards meeting the increasing demand for robotics in the region. With the construction of a new integrated robotics campus, ABB aims to modernize its facilities and improve its production capacity. The investment of $280 million will not only replace outdated buildings but also provide a more efficient and advanced infrastructure for manufacturing robots. This expansion follows ABB’s previous investments in its robotics facilities in Shanghai and Auburn Hills to support the Asian and American markets, respectively.

    The new campus in Vasteras is expected to be completed in late 2026, adding to ABB’s global presence in robotics production. The company’s European hub already plays a crucial role in manufacturing robots for the European market, and with this expansion, it aims to further strengthen its capabilities. The increased production capacity will enable ABB to better meet the growing demand for robotics technologies and solutions in Europe.

    – Pierre Bertrand, The Wall Street Journal
    – Dow Jones Newswires