Sat. Nov 25th, 2023
    Preparing for the Future: Athens Bible School Robotics Team Gear Up for BEST Robotics Tournament

    The Athens Bible School robotics team is gearing up for a thrilling opportunity at the upcoming BEST Robotics tournament. With the event scheduled to take place on November 11th at Calhoun Community College, the team is excited to showcase their innovative solution to this year’s challenge.

    This season, the theme of the tournament is “Incision Decision,” which adds a fascinating medical twist to the competition. Combining engineering, science, and technology, the BEST Robotics tournament promises a day filled with creativity and ingenuity.

    The team, known as Trobotics, is named after the school’s Trojan mascot. Their mission is to inspire students to pursue careers in STEM fields by engaging them in hands-on, team-based robotics competitions. With an impressive history of success, the Trobotics team is well-prepared to take on this year’s challenge.

    As the event draws near, the team members, including ninth grader Jackson Ortner from the Trobotics Engineering Department, are eagerly anticipating the competition. They find Game Day to be a fun experience, as it allows them to see the innovative solutions and strategies developed by other teams. It serves as a valuable learning opportunity for the Trobotics team to assess their own performance and measure it against their peers’.

    Comprising various departments such as Programming, Engineering, Manufacturing, Testing, and Marketing, the Trobotics team collaborates across different grade levels to achieve their ultimate goal of winning the Overall BEST award. The competition includes activities such as robot driving, compiling an engineering notebook, delivering a marketing presentation, showcasing good sportsmanship, and participating in team exhibits and interviews.

    Scott Britnell, the team’s head coach, expresses his excitement for this year’s competition and the medical theme it encompasses. He emphasizes how the different themes in the competition help students understand the relevance of their work in various careers. With one of the largest teams in program history, the Trobotics team is determined and ready to excel.

    To prepare for Game Day, the team has been engaging in intense brainstorming sessions, guided by experienced mentors who ensure they are well-prepared for the competition.

    As the 17th season with the BEST program comes to a close, the Trobotics team is actively seeking sponsors to support their equipment and supplies. They invite community members to explore their website,, to learn more about their work and the program. By inspiring and developing the next generation of engineers, scientists, and innovators, the team hopes to make a lasting impact on the future of STEM.


    Q: What is the BEST Robotics tournament?
    The BEST (Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology) Robotics tournament is an annual event that challenges student teams to design and build robots to complete a specific task in the most innovative and efficient way.

    Q: What is the theme for this year’s tournament?
    This year’s theme is “Incision Decision,” which adds a medical twist to the challenge, encouraging students to think creatively about solving problems in the healthcare field.

    Q: What are the different departments within the Trobotics team?
    The Trobotics team consists of various departments, including Programming, Engineering, Manufacturing, Testing, and Marketing. Each department plays a crucial role in preparing and executing the team’s strategy during the competition.

    Q: How can I support the Trobotics team?
    The Trobotics team is actively seeking sponsors to help fund their equipment and supplies. You can learn more about their work and how to contribute on their website,