Wed. Dec 6th, 2023
    Aelos: The Revolutionary Humanoid Robot Enhancing Education and Research

    Shenzhen Kaihong Technology and Leju Robot have joined forces to introduce the groundbreaking Aelos, a humanoid robot that has ushered in a new era of intelligent robotics. Powered by open-source HarmonyOS, Aelos is set to revolutionize educational and research endeavors in various sectors.

    What sets Aelos apart from other humanoid robots is its versatility as a comprehensive teaching system. Meticulously engineered, it offers an extensive range of capabilities that enhance its perceptiveness to its surroundings. Equipped with an impressive suite of sensors including blood oxygen and heart rate monitors, temperature and humidity gauges, infrared thermometers, human body detectors, NFC, OLED displays, and LED lights, Aelos can seamlessly connect to smartphones, tablets, and computers, eliminating the constraints of traditional wired connections. This streamlines the teaching process and opens up new possibilities for interactive learning.

    Aelos takes mobility to the next level with its remarkable 17 degrees of freedom, enabling a broad spectrum of movements. Its dual camera system and dual computing systems, powered by the STM32 microcontroller and the RK3568 processor, ensure exceptional performance and versatility. Whether it’s capturing images, analyzing data, or performing complex computations, Aelos is up to the task.

    To cater to a diverse user base, Aelos supports a wide range of programming languages, including graphical programming, C/C++, and JS/ArkTS. From K-12 education to higher learning institutions, Aelos is designed to accommodate users of all levels. Its adoption of the open-source HarmonyOS operating system brings a host of benefits, including enhanced security, reliability, efficiency, customization, and adaptability.

    With Aelos leading the charge in the world of humanoid robots, the boundaries of education and research are being pushed further than ever before. This innovative creation is pioneering a new wave of interactive learning, where technology and human intelligence converge in perfect harmony.


    Q: What makes Aelos different from other humanoid robots?
    A: Aelos stands out with its comprehensive teaching system, extensive range of sensors, and seamless connectivity to various devices.

    Q: What programming languages does Aelos support?
    A: Aelos caters to users of all levels with support for graphical programming, C/C++, and JS/ArkTS.

    Q: What are the advantages of Aelos adopting an open-source operating system?
    A: The use of open-source HarmonyOS brings enhanced security, reliability, efficiency, customization, and adaptability to Aelos.

    Q: What are the computing systems powering Aelos?
    A: Aelos is equipped with dual computing systems powered by the STM32 microcontroller and the RK3568 processor.

    Q: How does Aelos facilitate interactive learning?
    A: With its advanced capabilities and seamless connectivity, Aelos opens up new possibilities for interactive learning by eliminating wired connections and fostering engagement.