Fri. Dec 1st, 2023
    Agilis Robotics Innovates “Incisionless” Surgery with Miniaturized Robotic Instruments

    Agilis Robotics, a renowned trailblazer in surgical robotics, is revolutionizing the field of “incisionless” endoluminal surgery. Their groundbreaking technological advancements have led to the development of highly compact and flexible robotic instruments that possess exceptional dexterity, enabling surgeons to perform intricate tissue resection procedures with utmost precision and ease. What sets Agilis Robotics apart is their seamless integration with standard endoscopes used by hospitals and clinics, allowing for a smoother learning curve and improved cost-effectiveness.

    By leveraging existing endoscopic expertise, Agilis Robotics offers unmatched possibilities in endoluminal surgery across several domains, including the upper and lower gastrointestinal (GI) tract, urinary tract, throat, and gynecology. These miniaturized robotic instruments not only offer exceptional performance and sterility but also come at a fraction of the cost of conventional robotic systems, resulting in lower upfront investment and higher gross profits for medical institutions.

    The rise in demand for endoluminal surgeries globally can be attributed to the increasing emphasis on cancer screening and the early detection of tumors. Agilis Robotics is strategically positioned to cater to this burgeoning market, with over 3.5 million new GI cancer cases and 690,000 bladder cancer cases reported annually worldwide. By providing effective early-stage treatment with reduced procedure time and recurrence rates, Agilis Robotics aims to improve patient outcomes and enhance the efficiency of healthcare delivery.

    Agilis Robotics owes its inception to The University of Hong Kong, benefiting from more than HKD 90 million in funding from private investors. These funds are being utilized to further develop their innovative technology and prepare for forthcoming clinical trials. With six successful live animal studies completed in collaboration with clinical partners in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, the system has exhibited promising results concerning accuracy, safety, and efficacy. The company sets its sights on conducting first-in-human trials in the first half of 2024, marking a significant milestone on their path to commercialization.

    As Agilis Robotics progresses towards regulatory submissions to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA), the company prioritizes factors such as cost-effectiveness, marketability, and market potential. By considering these essential aspects, Agilis Robotics aims to ensure a successful venture for both investors and hospitals, reflecting their commitment to advancing healthcare through innovative technology.

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    What is endoluminal surgery?
    Endoluminal surgery refers to a minimally invasive surgical technique that involves accessing and treating internal organs or structures through natural body orifices, such as the mouth, anus, or vagina, without the need for external incisions.

    How are Agilis Robotics’ robotic instruments different?
    Agilis Robotics has developed highly miniaturized and flexible robotic instruments that offer exceptional precision and dexterity even in challenging anatomies. These instruments seamlessly integrate with standard endoscopes, allowing for greater ease of use, improved cost-effectiveness, and a shorter learning curve compared to traditional robotic systems.

    What are the potential applications of Agilis Robotics’ technology?
    Agilis Robotics’ technology has a wide range of applications in endoluminal surgery, covering various areas such as the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, throat, and gynecology. It enables surgeons to perform intricate tissue resection procedures with precision, offering promising possibilities in treating diseases like cancer.

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