Thu. Nov 30th, 2023
    Revolutionizing Surgical Robotics: Agilis Robotics Redefines “Incisionless” Endoluminal Surgery

    Agilis Robotics, a pioneering force in surgical robotics, is leading a transformative shift in the realm of “incisionless” endoluminal surgery. Through remarkable technological advancements, the company has developed highly miniaturized and flexible robotic instruments, offering exceptional precision and dexterity in even the most challenging anatomies. Now, surgeons can perform intricate tissue resection procedures directly within natural orifices with unparalleled ease.

    One distinguishing feature of Agilis Robotics’ system is its seamless integration with standard endoscopes used by hospitals and clinics, such as colonoscopes and cystoscopes. This not only leverages existing endoscopic expertise but also flattens the learning curve and improves cost-effectiveness, making innovative healthcare solutions more accessible.

    “The integration of our system with standard endoscopes is a game-changer in the field of endoluminal surgery,” says Dr. Jane Lee, a leading surgeon in the field. “It’s redefining what’s possible and opening up new horizons for patients and healthcare providers.”

    The application of Agilis Robotics’ robotic instruments extends across various areas of endoluminal surgery, spanning the upper and lower gastrointestinal (GI) tract, urinary tract, throat, and gynecology. Offering unprecedented possibilities, this groundbreaking technology holds immense potential for tackling a range of medical conditions.

    Furthermore, the system comprises a primary cart, a compact control console, and disposable robotic arms, ensuring both performance and sterility. Notably, the cost of this innovative system is projected to be less than 20% of conventional robotic systems on the market, making it an attractive investment for medical institutions. Consequently, this lower upfront investment can lead to higher gross profits for healthcare providers.

    The demand for endoluminal surgeries has been on the rise worldwide, driven by the increasing emphasis on cancer screening and the detection of early-stage tumors. With millions of new GI cancer cases and bladder cancer cases each year, Agilis Robotics is strategically poised to serve the underserved endoluminal surgery market and provide effective early-stage treatments with reduced procedure time and lower recurrence rates.

    As a spin-off from The University of Hong Kong, Agilis Robotics has secured over HKD 90 million in funding from private investors. These funds are being utilized for further development and preparation for clinical trials. The company has successfully conducted six live animal studies in collaboration with clinical partners in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, showcasing promising results in terms of accuracy, safety, and efficacy. The next milestone for Agilis Robotics is the anticipated first-in-human trials in the first half of 2024, as the company actively prepares for regulatory submissions to esteemed authorities such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA).

    By harnessing the success of “Chapter 18A” listed companies in the HKEX and prioritizing cost-effectiveness, marketability, and market potential, Agilis Robotics is well-positioned for success, not only for investors but also for hospitals seeking to provide cutting-edge healthcare solutions. With their ambitious vision, Agilis Robotics is revolutionizing surgical robotics and redefining the possibilities of “incisionless” endoluminal surgery.

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    What is endoluminal surgery?
    Endoluminal surgery is a minimally invasive surgical technique performed within the body’s natural cavities or passageways, such as the gastrointestinal or urinary tract. It eliminates the need for external incisions, resulting in reduced scarring, faster recovery times, and fewer complications.

    How does Agilis Robotics’ system integrate with standard endoscopes?
    Agilis Robotics’ system seamlessly integrates with standard endoscopes used in hospitals and clinics, such as colonoscopes and cystoscopes. This integration allows surgeons to utilize their existing endoscopic expertise, eliminates the need for additional specialized equipment, and enhances cost-effectiveness in healthcare settings.

    What are the benefits of Agilis Robotics’ robotic instruments?
    Agilis Robotics’ robotic instruments offer exceptional precision, dexterity, and flexibility, enabling surgeons to perform intricate tissue resection procedures within natural orifices. These instruments provide unprecedented possibilities in various areas of endoluminal surgery, including the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, throat, and gynecology.

    What is the projected cost of Agilis Robotics’ system?
    The cost of Agilis Robotics’ system is expected to be less than 20% of conventional robotic systems currently available in the market. This cost-effectiveness makes it an attractive investment for medical institutions, as it lowers upfront investment while potentially increasing gross profits.

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