Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    Agility Robotics Unveils RoboFab: A Factory for Mass Production of Humanoid Robots

    Agility Robotics, the creator of the highly advanced bipedal robot Digit, has announced the opening of RoboFab, a state-of-the-art robot manufacturing facility in Salem, Oregon. With the capacity to produce over 10,000 robots annually, RoboFab aims to revolutionize the robotics industry. Construction of the 70,000 square foot facility started last year and is expected to be operational later this year.

    Digit, designed to mimic human movements and go wherever people go, is a versatile and adaptable robot. Its unique human-centric design allows it to perform a wide range of tasks in various industries. Initially, Digit will be utilized for bulk material handling within warehouses and distribution centers, addressing labor gaps and streamlining workflows.

    The opening of RoboFab represents a significant milestone in the world of robotics, marking the mass production of commercial humanoid robots. The facility is expected to employ more than 500 workers in Salem, in addition to the existing workforce at Agility’s other locations.

    Agility Robotics’ CEO, Damion Shelton, stated, “We built Digit to address challenges in today’s workforce, such as injuries, burnout, and high turnover. The ultimate goal is to enhance human lives by allowing them to focus on tasks that require human capabilities. The establishment of RoboFab and the mass production of Digit will have a profound and widespread impact on society.”

    Aindrea Campbell, COO of Agility Robotics, emphasized the importance of establishing RoboFab in the United States, near the company’s engineering center, as it enables rapid scaling and promotes innovation. The facility aims to not only accelerate the development and deployment of advanced robotic systems but also create high-skilled job opportunities.

    Customers participating in Agility’s Partner Program (APP) can expect the first deliveries of Digit in 2024, with general availability in the market by 2025. Agility Robotics encourages interested parties to visit their website for more information on joining the APP.

    With RoboFab, Agility Robotics is poised to revolutionize the future of work by harnessing the power of humanoid robots to augment human capabilities. The company’s mission is to build robot partners that empower humans to be more human.

    Sources: Agility Robotics, Business Wire