Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
    Agility Robotics Opens World’s First Humanoid Robot Factory, Plans to Produce 10,000 Robots a Year

    Agility Robotics, a company known for creating humanoid warehouse robots, has recently announced the opening of its manufacturing facility in Salem, Oregon. The company believes that this factory will be capable of producing more than 10,000 robots annually. According to Damion Shelton, Agility Robotics’ co-founder and CEO, this marks a significant moment in robotics as it signifies the beginning of mass production of commercial humanoid robots.

    The factory, called “RoboFab,” is not only expected to employ over 500 people at full capacity but also house the company’s robot, Digit. Digit will be responsible for tasks such as moving, loading, and unloading materials in the facility. Agility Robotics’ chief operating officer, Aindrea Campbell, describes this as a groundbreaking development, stating that this is the world’s first humanoid robot factory and a pivotal moment in the robotics industry.

    Founded in 2015, Agility Robotics initially released its Digit robot in 2018 and later formed a partnership with Ford in 2020. These robots are designed to move packages and unload tractor trailers. They possess impressive mobility capabilities, being able to walk in multiple directions, navigate inclines, cross uneven terrain, and execute turning movements. Earlier this year, Digit received upgrades in the form of a new head and hands.

    With a recent $150 million funding round led by DCVC and Playground Global, Agility Robotics has gained significant support from investors, including Amazon’s $1 billion Industrial Innovation Fund. The company is based in Corvallis, Oregon, which benefits the new factory’s location, being just 30 miles away from the engineering center where the Digit robots are designed.

    Aindrea Campbell, who has previously held leadership roles at Apple and Ford, is leading the launch of the new factory. Campbell draws a parallel between this moment and the creation of the first automobile factory over a century ago, stating that humanoid robots will eventually become just as ubiquitous. CNBC highlights that Agility Robotics has positioned itself ahead of competitors like Tesla and its Optimus robot by being the first to establish a factory dedicated to humanoid robots.

    – CNBC