Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
    New Article: Transforming Workforces with AI-Assisted Robots

    In the bustling city of Tempe, Arizona, Pronto by Serrano’s has welcomed an intriguing addition to its team. Meet Katrina, the latest server who happens to be an AI-assisted robot. As she seamlessly navigates the restaurant, delivering food, and assisting with dish-bussing, Katrina has proven to be a gamechanger for both the staff and customers. Manager Sarah Serrano Licht shared, “She’s made our lives a little easier and I think the restaurant a lot more fun.”

    What sets Katrina apart is her ability to multitask efficiently. While humans usually handle one table at a time, Katrina effortlessly manages four, ensuring that customers’ meals are served promptly. And she isn’t just all business either – with an animated face that reacts like a cat being scratched, Katrina greets patrons and even tells jokes upon request. It’s clear that AI-assisted robots bring a unique blend of functionality and entertainment to the dining experience.

    Pringle Robots, the company behind Katrina, is part of a growing wave of service robot companies aiming to establish themselves in Arizona and beyond. These robots, according to Steve Kane, a consultant at Pringle Robots, excel at the “three D’s” – the dangerous, the dirty, and the dull. Besides restaurant servers, Pringle Robots also offers floor-cleaning robots for use in schools and hospitals. These automated helpers not only flawlessly sweep floors but also provide feedback on their performance for continuous improvement.

    The rise of AI-assisted robots signals a pivotal moment in the global workforce. As these innovative machines become more prevalent, traditional job roles may undergo significant transformations. However, rather than fearing this AI revolution, we can embrace it as an opportunity for growth and collaboration. By working alongside AI-assisted robots, humans can focus on tasks that require creativity, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence, fostering a harmonious partnership between humans and machines in the workplace.


    1. What is an AI-assisted robot?
    An AI-assisted robot is a machine that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to assist and perform various tasks, ranging from serving customers to cleaning floors.

    2. How do AI-assisted robots benefit businesses?
    AI-assisted robots can enhance operational efficiency, increase productivity, and improve customer experiences by handling tasks efficiently, multitasking, and providing valuable data for analysis and improvement.

    3. Are AI-assisted robots a threat to human jobs?
    While AI-assisted robots may automate certain tasks traditionally performed by humans, they also create new opportunities for collaboration and skill development. By leveraging AI technology, humans can focus on higher-level tasks that require creativity and critical thinking.

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