Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
    The Los Angeles Chargers Utilize AI Robots at SoFi Stadium to Promote Disney’s “The Creator” Movie

    The Los Angeles Chargers have found a unique way to incorporate Hollywood into their game day experience. During their Week 1 game against the Miami Dolphins at SoFi Stadium, AI robots were placed in the seats to help promote Disney’s upcoming science fiction film called “The Creator.” These robots, displayed on the stadium’s video screen, mimicked the movements of human fans and added a futuristic touch to the crowd.

    This promotional tactic is not new for Disney, as they had previously used the massive video board at SoFi Stadium to promote the movie “Avatar: The Way of Water” during a Rams game last year. With its location near the heart of the entertainment industry, SoFi Stadium provides an ideal platform for promoting films.

    However, the timing of “The Creator’s” promotion is interesting considering the ongoing strike by SAG-AFTRA and the Writers Guild of America. The strike is primarily centered around labor tensions in Hollywood, particularly surrounding the lack of compensation from streaming services and the perceived threat of artificial intelligence to creative workers. Despite the advancements in AI, there is a belief that certain aspects of creativity can never be replicated by computers.

    Sports media personality Bomani Jones, who supports the striking writers, emphasized the importance of human creativity in fields such as sports journalism. He argues that while AI can write a game story, there are countless elements in the industry that necessitate human intervention, including the employment prospects of many individuals.

    The use of AI in creative endeavors has faced criticism in recent times. Gannett, a newspaper publisher, faced backlash for using AI to write high school sports articles, leading them to pause the technology’s implementation. These incidents highlight the ongoing debate surrounding the impact of AI on human creativity and employment.

    Disney’s latest movie promotion at SoFi Stadium evokes memories of the unsettling actors placed by Paramount at MLB stadiums last year to promote their horror film “Smile.” This innovative approach to marketing films within the sports industry demonstrates the increasing convergence of entertainment and sports in the digital age.


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    Note: URLs to the sources have been removed.

    – SoFi Stadium: A sports and entertainment complex located in Hollywood Park, California.
    – SAG-AFTRA: Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. It is a labor union representing performers in various fields of the entertainment industry.
    – Writers Guild of America: A labor union representing writers in the motion picture, broadcast, cable, and new media industries.
    – AI: Artificial Intelligence, the simulation of human intelligence by machines.