Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
    The Impact of AI Technology on Physical Security Systems

    Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc. (AITX) and its subsidiary, Robotic Assistance Devices, Inc. (RAD), are set to participate in the Global Security Exchange (GSX) Conference in Dallas, TX. With a focus on cybersecurity, edge analytics, and AI, the companies will showcase their innovative security solutions at the event.

    The CEO of AITX and RAD, Steve Reinharz, will be part of a panel discussion on the impact of AI on physical security systems. This panel will explore the ways in which these technologies have revolutionized the design and implementation of security systems.

    RAD’s security solutions, including ROSA, AVA, and RADDOG, will be on display at GSX. The company has chosen to support a select few channel partners at the conference, demonstrating its commitment to the dealer channel.

    One of RAD’s partners, ECAMSECURE, will be presenting their Virtual Gate Guard, which is based on RAD’s AVA technology. This compact and mountable unit provides advanced access control over gates and other entry points, offering increased visibility at a fraction of the cost.

    The Virtual Gate Guard has been well-received in the industry, with Chris Coffey, CEO of ECAMSECURE, praising RAD’s advanced AI technology. GSX attendees can preview ECAMSECURE’s offerings at the GardaWorld booth.

    RAD will also showcase the RADDOG 2LE, a quadruped robot designed to enhance the capabilities of law enforcement agencies. With its agile design and cutting-edge accessories, RADDOG 2LE can navigate challenging terrain and dangerous environments.

    The ROSA solution, which has won multiple awards, will be displayed at the Apex Assured booth. Apex Assured recently became a RAD authorized dealer and is excited to introduce its clients to the capabilities of ROSA.

    Meanwhile, RAD’s largest authorized dealer, Allied Universal┬«, will be supplied with a RIO 360 for use and demonstration at their Monitoring and Response Center in Texas. RAD’s dealer network is expected to grow stronger as a result of their participation at GSX.

    AITX and RAD are revolutionizing the security industry with their AI-driven solutions. By utilizing innovative technology, they are able to provide cost savings and improve operational efficiency. With a strong sales pipeline, the companies are poised for growth and continued success.

    – Globe Newswire
    – Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions