Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
    Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits Partners with Symbotic Inc to Revolutionize Distribution Centers

    Beverage alcohol distributor Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits has announced a groundbreaking partnership with automation technology firm Symbotic Inc. The partnership aims to revolutionize the distribution centers of Southern Glazer’s through the implementation of Symbotic’s cutting-edge A.I.-powered software and robotics warehouse automation systems.

    While the financial details of the agreement remain undisclosed, the significance of this collaboration cannot be understated. By integrating Symbotic’s end-to-end automation system, Southern Glazer’s will experience a radical transformation in its distribution operations. The system’s advanced features, including robotic case picking capabilities, will optimize fill rates, improve order accuracy, and significantly reduce customer service times.

    The partnership signifies Southern Glazer’s commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation in the beverage industry. Embracing automation technology will not only streamline their distribution processes but also enhance the overall customer experience. With the deployment of Symbotic’s systems expected to begin by 2025, Southern Glazer’s is taking proactive steps to ensure it remains competitive in an increasingly digitized world.

    Symbotic’s Chairman and CEO, Rick Cohen, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We are very pleased to welcome Southern Glazer’s as a customer and look forward to working with them to continue to transform their distribution operations.” This sentiment highlights the shared vision between the two companies, who are dedicated to revolutionizing the distribution landscape.

    Overall, Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits’ partnership with Symbotic Inc represents a bold step towards the future of beverage distribution. By harnessing the power of automation and robotics, Southern Glazer’s is poised to elevate its operations and deliver unparalleled efficiency and service to its customers.


    1. What is Symbotic Inc?

    Symbotic Inc is an automation technology firm specializing in A.I.-powered software and robotics warehouse automation systems. They provide end-to-end automation solutions to companies looking to optimize their distribution operations.

    2. What benefits will Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits gain from this partnership?

    Through this partnership, Southern Glazer’s will be able to leverage Symbotic’s advanced automation technology to improve fill rates, order accuracy, and customer service times. The integration of robotic case picking capabilities will revolutionize their distribution centers, enhancing efficiency and the overall customer experience.

    3. When will the deployment of Symbotic’s systems at Southern Glazer’s distribution centers begin?

    The deployment of Symbotic’s systems is expected to begin by 2025, signaling Southern Glazer’s proactive approach to embracing innovation and staying competitive in the beverage industry.