Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023
    New Amazon Fulfillment Center Opens in Tallahassee, Boosting Economy and Education

    The brand new Amazon Fulfillment Center in Tallahassee, Florida is now operational, making it the 10th facility of its kind in the state and the 6th robotics facility in the Sunshine State. Standing tall at five stories high and covering over 630 thousand square feet, this center is expected to contribute significantly to the local economy and education.

    With an estimated annual revenue of $32 million, the fulfillment center has already employed over 1,000 individuals from the Big Bend region and South Georgia. These employment opportunities bring numerous benefits, including an average hourly wage of $19 along with health, vision, and dental insurance for the employees.

    Inside the facility, a fleet of robots seamlessly moves packages from one location to another, ultimately loading them onto trucks for delivery. The center houses an impressive inventory of over 40 million items and utilizes more than 50 thousand totes daily to facilitate the smooth movement of goods.

    In addition to its economic impact, the Amazon Fulfillment Center also offers various employee services, including a lactation room, a multi-faith room, and an area for stretching.

    Furthermore, local universities such as Florida A&M University, Florida State University, and Tallahassee Community College have collaborated with Amazon through a program called Career Choice. Through this initiative, Amazon pre-pays tuition fees for their hourly employees, regardless of whether they work part-time or full-time. This partnership between Amazon and the educational institutions provides greater accessibility to education and enhances career development opportunities for the employees.

    The construction of the Amazon Fulfillment Center has been a long-awaited project, initially known as “Project Mango.” After receiving official approval from the Leon County Commission in July 2021, the facility commenced operations in late August. The facility’s opening has been met with pride and excitement from local officials and residents alike.

    With a focus on boosting the local economy, providing job opportunities, and supporting educational advancement, the new Amazon Fulfillment Center in Tallahassee brings forth promising prospects for the community’s growth and development.

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