Tue. Nov 28th, 2023
    New Robotics Tools from Amazon Aim to Enhance Efficiency and Employee Safety

    Amazon has recently rolled out two innovative robotics tools, called Sequoia and Digit, with the primary objective of optimizing efficiency and ensuring employee safety in its fulfillment centers. With Sequoia, Amazon aims to enhance the process of fulfilling customer orders during the upcoming holiday season, making it quicker and more efficient. The company claims that Sequoia enables the identification and storage of inventory at fulfillment centers at a staggering 75% faster rate. Additionally, it also streamlines order processing, reducing the time required by 25%.

    Another exciting addition to Amazon’s robotic workforce is Digit, a bipedal robot that will initially be employed to assist employees in recycling totes. By integrating Digit into its operations, Amazon seeks to further improve the overall efficiency of its fulfillment centers. This move showcases Amazon’s commitment to leverage technology and artificial intelligence in order to create a safer and more enjoyable work environment for its employees. Scott Dresser, Amazon Robotics’ Vice President, expressed the company’s dedication to employing robotics and advanced technology to enhance employee experiences and enable them to better serve their customers.


    1. How does Sequoia enhance order fulfillment?

    Sequoia significantly expedites the process of identifying and storing inventory at Amazon’s fulfillment centers, resulting in a remarkable 75% increase in efficiency.

    2. What benefits does Digit bring to Amazon’s operations?

    Digit, a bipedal robot, initially aids employees in recycling totes. By integrating Digit into its operations, Amazon aims to further enhance the overall efficiency and safety of its fulfillment centers.

    3. How does Amazon prioritize employee safety?

    Amazon is passionate about adopting technology that prioritizes the safety of its employees by automating repetitive and potentially hazardous tasks, enabling employees to focus on more valuable and fulfilling work.