Fri. Dec 1st, 2023
    Sorting Robotics Secures $2 Million in Debt Financing for Expansion

    California-based Sorting Robotics, a leading producer of cannabis sorting machines, has recently announced a significant boost in funding to support its expansion efforts. The company successfully raised $2 million in debt financing through investments from Kiso Capital and Prospeq, as confirmed by a press release.

    This capital infusion will play a vital role in propelling Sorting Robotics’ sales and market penetration strategies. With the funds at their disposal, the company aims to accelerate its growth trajectory while continuously enhancing its technological capabilities to meet the evolving demands of the cannabis industry.

    CEO Nohtal Partanksy emphasized the strategic importance of this fundraising milestone. He stated that it was a crucial move in enabling Sorting Robotics to solidify its position in the market while driving further innovation. The company’s commitment to growth and advancement is mirrored in its determination to utilize the financing wisely.

    Sorting Robotics is already renowned for its diverse range of cannabis sorting robot models. These include the pioneering “Jiko,” the industry’s first pre-roll infusion robot, the donut-style pre-roll infusion robot “Jiko+,” the desktop vape-cartridge filling machine “Omni,” and the automated pick & pack robotic arm “Mayweather.” Each of these machines serves a unique purpose in streamlining cannabis production processes and enhancing overall efficiency.

    The recent funding secured by Sorting Robotics sheds light on the continued growth and potential of the cannabis industry. As more states legalize cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, innovations like Sorting Robotics’ machines play a pivotal role in meeting the growing demand for efficient and accurate cannabis sorting and processing technologies.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Sorting Robotics?

    Sorting Robotics is a California-based company that specializes in producing cannabis sorting machines. Their advanced robotic systems are designed to automate and improve various aspects of cannabis production, including pre-roll infusion, vape-cartridge filling, and pick & pack processes.

    How much funding did Sorting Robotics secure for expansion?

    Sorting Robotics recently raised $2 million in debt financing to support its expansion efforts. The funding was provided by Kiso Capital and Prospeq, enabling the company to accelerate sales activities and further penetrate the cannabis market.

    What are some of Sorting Robotics’ existing cannabis sorting robot models?

    Sorting Robotics offers several cannabis sorting robot models, including “Jiko,” the industry’s first pre-roll infusion robot, “Jiko+,” a donut-style pre-roll infusion robot, “Omni,” a desktop vape-cartridge filling machine, and “Mayweather,” an automated pick & pack robotic arm. These machines are designed to enhance efficiency and streamline production processes in the cannabis industry.