Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
    Andover Robotics Club Encourages Gender Diversity in Engineering

    The Andover Robotics Club at Andover High School is working to close the gender gap in its membership by inspiring more women and gender minorities to pursue engineering. The club will be hosting an event on September 30th that will introduce role models and include technical workshops to encourage interest in the field.

    Last year’s event attracted around 50 participants from across the state, and the club is hoping to have an even bigger turnout this year. The symposium will feature speakers from companies like Raytheon and Mitre, some of whom are alumni of the club. They will share their experiences and offer advice on advocating for oneself in the engineering industry.

    The creation of an all-girls team known as Hailstorm has significantly increased female participation in the club. Lunch will be provided at the event, and non-male speakers in STEM are invited to attend. The club is also seeking sponsors for the event, with Schneider Electric already signed on as a sponsor.

    The Andover Robotics Club competes in the First Tech Challenge (FTC), a robotics competition where students design robots to compete against each other. With still few girls competing in the FTC, the symposium is a valuable opportunity for female students to come together and pursue their interests in engineering.

    The club’s efforts to promote gender diversity in engineering are important for creating a more inclusive field and inspiring the next generation of engineers. By providing role models and hosting events like this symposium, they are working towards a future where anyone, regardless of their gender, feels welcomed and encouraged to pursue a career in engineering.

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