Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
    The Robotics Factory Launches Scale Residency Program to Support Robotics Entrepreneurs

    The Robotics Factory, a program funded by the Southwestern Pennsylvania New Economy Collaborative, is now accepting applications for its new Scale Residency program. This year-long program is designed to assist founders of young robotics companies in taking their technologies through the commercialization process.

    Participants of the Scale Residency program can expect to receive expert guidance in various areas such as design, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing. The goal is to enable robotics entrepreneurs to become self-sufficient in the industry.

    Kevin Dowling, a prominent figure in the local tech community, has joined Innovation Works to lead the programming at the Robotics Factory. The Pittsburgh Robotics Network will also provide additional support to the program. According to the interim executive director of the Pittsburgh Robotics Network, Jenn Apicella, participating in the program will help entrepreneurs gain a competitive edge in the robotics field.

    With the increasing adoption of automation technologies in various industries, robotics companies face a growing need to design their products with manufacturing in mind. The Scale Residency program aims to equip companies with the necessary skills and knowledge to be prepared for increased production and meet the market demands.

    For its inaugural year, the Robotics Factory will work with only four companies as part of a pilot program. This allows them to test the effectiveness of the Scale Residency program and make any necessary adjustments for future cohorts.

    Applications for the first cohort of the Scale Residency program will close on October 6th. Entrepreneurs in the Pittsburgh area are encouraged to apply and take advantage of this valuable opportunity to accelerate the growth of their robotics companies.

    – Pittsburgh Robotics Network
    – Innovation Works

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