Thu. Sep 28th, 2023
    Armin Robotics Integrates Visionerf’s 3D Vision Cameras for Efficient Robotic Bin Picking

    Armin Robotics, a leader in automating machine workshops, has partnered with Visionerf, a company based in France specializing in 3D vision cameras. The incorporation of Visionerf’s cameras into Armin Robotics’ robotic solutions aims to address the challenge of bin picking and optimize the provisioning of loose parts for machining.

    With the integration of a 3D vision camera, a robot can scan parts on a pallet or in a bin without any human intervention. It constructs a 3D image of the container and identifies the locations of the parts. This process ensures the safety and reliability of picking the parts. Armin Robotics CEO, Thomas Janquart, highlights the benefits of this technology, stating that operators no longer need to spend time positioning parts or developing specific tools. Parts can be arranged randomly, offering significant time savings in continuously operating robotic cells.

    A key advantage of Visionerf’s cameras is their compatibility with Armin Robotics’ universal software, which controls the robotic cells. The user-friendly software includes advanced features such as collision management and simplifies vision programming. The software eliminates the need to manage multiple isolated cells and can control various components and production types.

    The partnership between Armin Robotics and Visionerf continues to strengthen, with plans to announce a revolutionary solution in the near future. The integration of these technologies opens up new possibilities for automation and operational efficiency in machine workshops.

    In conclusion, Armin Robotics’ integration of Visionerf’s 3D vision cameras addresses the challenge of bin picking in robotic solutions. The partnership offers a user-friendly solution with advanced software features and the ability to control various components and production types. The continued collaboration between the two companies promises exciting advancements in automation and operational efficiency.

    – Robotic bin picking: The process of using robots equipped with vision systems to identify and pick parts from bins or containers without human intervention.
    – 3D vision camera: A camera that captures three-dimensional images, allowing for accurate depth perception and object recognition.
    – Automation: The use of technology and machinery to perform tasks with minimal human intervention.
    – Operational efficiency: The ability to optimize processes and resources to maximize productivity and minimize waste.

    – Armin Robotics
    – Visionerf