Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023
    Tokyo-based Robotics Startup Mujin Raises $85 Million in Series C Funding

    Tokyo-based intelligent robotics startup Mujin has successfully raised $85 million in its Series C funding round, strengthening its position in the AI-powered robotics market for manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain operations. The funding round garnered support from leading investors, including SBI Investment Co., Ltd., Pegasus Tech Ventures, 7 Industries, Accenture, and angel investor Dr. James Kuffner.

    Mujin’s innovative solution, the MujinController platform, is at the core of their offerings. This AI-driven universal controller can transform industrial robots from any brand into intelligent machines, paving the way for groundbreaking applications in manufacturing and logistics. With over a decade of experience, Mujin continues to empower industrial automation specialists to push boundaries within the robotics field.

    The MujinController stands out for its advanced features. It leverages real-time non-volatile digital twin technology alongside a suite of perception, planning, and control algorithms, enabling robots and industrial devices to navigate and operate autonomously in the real world.

    Already, the MujinController, powered by cutting-edge Machine Intelligence technology, has made a significant impact in modern manufacturing and logistics spaces. It has enabled precise picking automation to streamline e-commerce order fulfillment and robot-assisted unloading of truck trailers and containers.

    Dr. James Kuffner, CEO of Woven by Toyota and a past mentor to Dr. Ross Diankov, one of Mujin’s co-founders, commended Mujin’s continued progress. He stated that this funding marks a crucial moment for Mujin as they further expand their delivery of state-of-the-art robotic solutions and solidify their leadership position.

    Mujin’s overarching vision revolves around reshaping industries through automation, eliminating repetitive and dangerous tasks. By doing so, they aim to create opportunities for workers to engage in more fulfilling roles while enhancing global operational efficiency.

    Investors expressed optimism about the collaboration with Mujin. Accenture’s Mr. Atsushi Egawa mentioned their ongoing partnership with Mujin since 2019, with a focus on revolutionizing the logistics and manufacturing sectors through AI and robotics.

    Established in 2011 in Tokyo, Mujin specializes in developing Machine Intelligence for robotic controllers. Their controllers serve as a standard platform for both industrial and collaborative robots, particularly in logistics and pick-and-place applications. The flagship product, the MujinController, equips robotic systems with real-time decision-making capabilities, enabling truly autonomous and efficient robot applications.

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