Fri. Dec 1st, 2023
    The Enduring Legacy of Assembly Required Robotics Team

    Assembly Required, a FIRST LEGO League robotics team based at the historic Edison Ford Estates in Fort Myers, is not only known for their impressive robot-building skills but also for their mission to create a lasting dynasty in the world of robotics competitions. As they gear up for another exciting season, their ultimate goal is to secure a third consecutive appearance in the esteemed World Championships.

    Leah Chung, the team’s captain, expresses the deep significance of the knowledge they have gained and the numerous trophies they have accumulated over the years, highlighting that these achievements form a powerful legacy. Their impact is akin to that of an illustrious football team associated with the Edison Ford Estates, according to Pearce Augstenborg, the Education Manager.

    One defining feature of Assembly Required’s robotics prowess is their use of LEGO pieces to construct their robot, aptly named Edibot, which pays homage to the team’s connection to Edison. With an extensive collection of LEGO parts at their disposal, the team can utilize a piece for every aspect of their robot. Such resourcefulness enables them to fully exploit their creativity and technical skills during the competition.

    Edibot has already garnered an impressive array of trophies and medals, with the team notably winning the Core Values Award at the World Championships in Houston earlier this year. Eyan Daito, the Core Values Captain, proudly claims the title of the best Core Values Captain in the world, reflecting the team’s commitment to excellence.

    Effortlessly maneuvering through each task, Edibot’s success is not without its challenges. The team understands the importance of attention to detail during practice, as even a slight mistake can make a significant difference in the outcome of the competition. Katie Feren, the Team Manager, stresses the significance of maintaining focus and avoiding simple errors, such as leaning on the table during critical moments.

    At its core, Assembly Required attributes its success not only to technical expertise but also to the seamless collaboration and dedication among team members. The joy and satisfaction of witnessing their robot conquer each task after enduring frustrating and stressful moments is an experience that bonds the team together and keeps them motivated.

    As Assembly Required Robotics Team continues to build on their legacy, they inspire future generations of aspiring roboticists and demonstrate the potential for extraordinary achievements through passion, teamwork, and perseverance.


    What is FIRST LEGO League?

    FIRST LEGO League (FLL) is an international competition for young students that combines LEGO building elements and robotics. Teams compete in various challenges to showcase their engineering, coding, and teamwork skills.

    Is Assembly Required a successful team?

    Yes, Assembly Required has achieved considerable success, including multiple appearances in the World Championships and winning prestigious awards such as the Core Values Award.

    Where is Assembly Required based?

    Assembly Required is based at the Edison Ford Estates in Fort Myers, an iconic historical site associated with inventor Thomas Edison and businessman Henry Ford.

    How does Assembly Required construct their robot?

    Assembly Required constructs their robot, named Edibot, primarily using LEGO pieces, showcasing the versatility and creative possibilities of the LEGO building system.

    What sets Assembly Required apart from other robotics teams?

    Assembly Required emphasizes not only technical skills but also collaboration and dedication among team members. Their commitment to a lasting legacy and extraordinary achievements sets them apart.