Sun. Oct 1st, 2023
    Automation Anywhere Introduces New Generative AI Capabilities for Automation Success Platform

    Automation Anywhere, a leading robotic process automation (RPA) vendor, has unveiled new generative AI capabilities for its Automation Success Platform. The vendor introduced Autopilot and Automation Co-Pilot for Automators at its Imagine 2023 user conference. These tools are expected to be available in the first half of next year. Autopilot allows users to quickly automate processes using generative AI, while Automation Co-Pilot for Automators enables developers to create automations using natural language.

    In addition to these features, Automation Anywhere also announced new tools for automation AI governance. These include model selection, data privacy controls, and monitoring and audit functionalities. Model selection enables users to manage generative AI models from different providers, while data privacy controls provide an extra layer of protection for enterprises through data masking capabilities. The monitoring and audit feature allows users to track model performance and ensure data privacy compliance.

    According to Deep Analysis analyst Matt Mullen, Automation Anywhere’s new offerings are targeted at organizations that have a good understanding of RPA but need assistance in accelerating rollout, diversifying teams, and maintaining best practices. Mullen highlighted the importance of making effective decisions in the early stages of automation to maximize its benefits downstream.

    While capabilities like Autopilot can simplify automation processes, some customers remain skeptical about the trustworthiness of generative AI and its return on investment. According to Alan Pelz-Sharpe, analyst and founder of Deep Analysis, effective business analysis and decision-making are often the main obstacles in automation projects, rather than the configuration of bots or automation tools. Automation Anywhere’s governance capabilities address the need for AI-related technology governance, which is lacking in many organizations.

    However, despite the advancements in generative AI, enterprises still face challenges related to scaling enterprise automation. Kashyap Kompella, analyst at RPA2AI Research, emphasized the importance of governance tools like Automation Anywhere’s offerings for deploying AI in the enterprise. In addition, enterprises must tackle nontechnology challenges, such as dealing with isolated data sources and achieving partial automation. Kompella advised organizations to develop an enterprise-wide generative AI strategy instead of a fragmented approach to ensure successful implementation.

    In summary, Automation Anywhere’s new generative AI capabilities aim to accelerate the automation process and provide governance tools for AI-related technology. While these advancements can simplify automation and address governance needs, organizations must also address nontechnology challenges to scale enterprise automation effectively.

    Source: TechTarget Editorial, Deep Analysis, RPA2AI Research.