Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    Revolutionizing Mushroom Farming: 4AG Robotics Secures Funding and Rebrands

    A robotics company based in Salmon Arm, British Columbia is making waves in the agricultural industry as it sets out to revolutionize mushroom farming. 4AG Robotics, formerly known as TechBrew Robotics, has announced its plans to develop cutting-edge robotic solutions for mushroom harvesting with the help of $17.5 million in equity financing.

    Mushroom farming has long been plagued by the labor-intensive process of harvesting delicate mushrooms. However, 4AG Robotics aims to change that with their autonomous, vision-guided mushroom harvesting robot. The company has already achieved a 95 percent pick rate in proof-of-concept deployments on two farms, showcasing the potential of their innovative technology.

    The funding for 4AG Robotics comes from BDC Capital’s Industrial Innovation Venture Fund and InBC Investment Corp., along with participation from other investors such as Emmertech, Jim Richardson Family Office, Lex Capital, and several angel investors across Canada. This strong financial backing reflects the investor’s belief in the company’s ability to lead the mushroom harvesting industry on a global scale.

    With the newly secured funding, 4AG Robotics plans to address the most critical challenge in the mushroom industry – the labor-intensive nature of mushroom harvesting. The delicate nature of mushrooms makes automation a significant challenge. Picking, trimming, and packing require a high level of precision that traditional labor-intensive methods struggle to achieve. By developing robotic solutions, 4AG Robotics aims to provide a transformative solution to this pressing issue.

    The company has already secured purchase orders with farms in Canada and Europe, highlighting the demand for automated solutions in the mushroom industry. By automating these labor-intensive tasks, mushroom farmers can significantly improve their profitability while reducing the environmental impact of farming.

    While 4AG Robotics focuses on revolutionizing mushroom farming, their long-term vision extends beyond this single crop. The company believes that their automation technology can benefit indoor agriculture across various crops, ultimately reducing the need for shipping produce worldwide.

    Interested mushroom farms and individuals looking to join the company’s innovative journey can find more information on their website or contact [email protected]. The rebranded 4AG Robotics is determined to reshape the world of mushroom farming with their groundbreaking robotics solutions.


    Q: What is 4AG Robotics?
    A: 4AG Robotics is a Salmon Arm-based robotics company that specializes in developing innovative robotic solutions for the mushroom industry.

    Q: What is the funding amount secured by 4AG Robotics?
    A: 4AG Robotics has secured $17.5 million in equity financing to accelerate the development and deployment of their cutting-edge robotic solutions.

    Q: Why is automation crucial in the mushroom industry?
    A: The delicate nature of mushrooms and the labor-intensive tasks involved in harvesting pose significant challenges for traditional methods. Automation can improve efficiency, reduce labor requirements, and increase profitability for mushroom farms.

    Q: What are the benefits of using robotics in mushroom farming?
    A: By implementing robotics, mushroom farms can achieve higher pick rates, reduce labor costs, and minimize the environmental impact of farming.

    Q: Can 4AG Robotics’ technology be applied to other crops?
    A: While the initial focus is on mushroom farming, 4AG Robotics believes their automation technology can benefit indoor agriculture across various crops, ultimately reducing the global shipping of produce.