Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    BAE Systems Unveils Extra-Large Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Demonstrator

    BAE Systems has announced a partnership with Canadian company Cellula Robotics to showcase its extra-large autonomous underwater vehicle (XLAUV) in the United Kingdom next year. The move comes as companies increasingly seek to develop unmanned platforms that can work alongside manned vessels, covering larger areas and conducting covert operations. BAE Systems’ maritime services division launched the Herne XLAUV last year, designed for various launch and recovery methods. The Herne is capable of anti-submarine warfare, electronic warfare, and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions. With approximately 40 countries currently operating submarines, and others seeking to expand their fleet, the underwater domain is becoming increasingly significant.

    Recognising the strategic importance of the underwater domain, BAE Systems plans to launch a Herne demonstrator in British waters in September 2024, in cooperation with Cellula Robotics. The companies will test the XLAUV technology on one of Cellula Robotics’ vehicles at a facility on the south coast of England. As countries vie for military and commercial control of the Arctic Ocean, where melting sea ice has created new opportunities, the need to protect critical national infrastructure in the region has become apparent.

    BAE Systems is open to localising part of the production process for the Herne and would be capable of manufacturing it in the UK if required. The company hopes the UK will become a launch customer for the system. The unveiling of the extra-large autonomous underwater vehicle aims to address the evolving challenges of the underwater domain and enable enhanced capabilities for naval forces.

    Source: Elisabeth Gosselin-Malo | Defense News

    – Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV): A vehicle that can operate underwater without human control or guidance.
    – Uncrewed Platform: A platform without a crew, typically controlled remotely or through artificial intelligence.
    – Submarine: A vessel that can operate underwater, typically used for military purposes.
    – Underwater Domain: The realm beneath the surface of the water, including oceans, seas, and other bodies of water.

    Source: Elisabeth Gosselin-Malo | Defense News