Fri. Dec 1st, 2023
    New Title: The Power of Afterschool Programs: Empowering Students for Success

    Gathering at Battle Creek Central High School, students armed with vibrant paper and markers came together to send a resounding message. In a show of unity, they marched down Washington Avenue, joining thousands across the nation calling for continued investment in afterschool programming to support academic achievement and personal growth.

    The “Lights On Afterschool” movement serves as a reminder of the significance of providing opportunities beyond regular school hours. Joy Parson, the extended learning coordinator at BCCHS, emphasized the importance of afterschool programs, which offer enrichment activities and academic assistance.

    These students, along with officials and staff from various Battle Creek schools, proudly carried signs with messages advocating for the continuation of afterschool programs. Each sign represented a belief in the right to a well-rounded education and the value of providing a safe and nurturing environment for students beyond the bell.

    Freddie McGee, the director of extended learning programs for the district, emphasized that these programs have the potential to create lifelong impacts on students. He highlighted the enrichment, academic support, and the opportunity for students to build meaningful relationships.

    Battle Creek Public Schools’ 21st Century Community Learning Centers currently serve over 300 children, offering a wide range of activities from homework assistance and mentoring to specialized classes in robotics, coding, sports, and more. McGee highlighted how these programs empower students, not only academically but also by giving them a voice and a sense of belonging.

    Afterschool programs have proven to be a crucial component in a student’s educational journey. By nurturing their talents, fostering relationships, and providing academic support, these programs set students up for success both in the classroom and in life. Investing in afterschool programs is an investment in the future of our youth.


    Q: What are afterschool programs?
    A: Afterschool programs are organized activities that take place outside of regular school hours, providing students with enrichment opportunities, academic support, and a safe environment.

    Q: Why are afterschool programs important?
    A: Afterschool programs offer students a chance to further develop their skills, receive academic assistance, and engage in enriching activities. They provide a supportive environment that fosters personal growth and lifelong relationships.

    Q: How do afterschool programs benefit students?
    A: Afterschool programs offer a range of benefits including improved academic performance, enhanced social skills, exposure to new experiences, and the opportunity to build lasting relationships with peers and mentors.

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