Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    Diving into the Depths: Blue Robotics Revolutionizes Underwater Exploration

    In a world where the vast majority of our oceans remain unexplored, a significant breakthrough in underwater robotics has emerged. Blue Robotics, a company founded by Rusty Jehangir, is revolutionizing the way we explore the deep sea. The core fact? Blue Robotics has developed affordable and high-quality thrusters that cater to hobbyists, researchers, and maritime companies.

    The journey began when Jehangir, armed with a background in robotics and a passion for surfing, dreamed up the SolarSurfer – a solar-powered surfboard that would navigate from Los Angeles to Hawaii. However, the project hit a roadblock when they realized they needed a durable and cost-effective thruster to make the journey possible.

    Unable to find an affordable option in the market, Jehangir recognized the gap and founded Blue Robotics. Instead of designing thrusters using traditional methods, Jehangir took an unconventional approach. He built a waterproof motor, replacing steel ball bearings with plastic and coating the electric windings and magnets to prevent corrosion. This groundbreaking innovation allowed Blue Robotics to produce thrusters with significantly reduced costs, priced at $100 each.

    Since launching in 2014, Blue Robotics has experienced tremendous growth, offering a wide range of over 350 products for building underwater robots. The company has sold over 100,000 thrusters to more than 12,000 customers worldwide. From competitive high school robotics teams to aquaculture farms in Norway, Chile, New Zealand, and Mexico, Blue Robotics has found a diverse customer base.

    In the aquaculture industry, Blue Robotics thrusters play an integral role. Norwegian salmon farms, in particular, rely on their products for inspecting nets, anchors, and chains. Jehangir’s innovative thrusters have also made appearances in art exhibitions, showcasing the blend of technology and creativity.

    Blue Robotics’ success can be attributed not only to Jehangir’s engineering expertise but also to his entrepreneurial spirit. Having previously worked on developing a new helicopter for the U.S. military, Jehangir gained valuable experience in the startup world. His multidisciplinary background in mechanical engineering and jazz music at the University of Southern California shaped his ability to think outside the box and approach problem-solving with creativity.

    As Blue Robotics continues to innovate and expand, the future of underwater exploration looks promising. With more affordable and accessible underwater robots, researchers, explorers, and curious individuals are poised to uncover the secrets that lie beneath the ocean’s surface.


    1. What does Blue Robotics offer?

    Blue Robotics offers a wide range of over 350 products for building underwater robots, including affordable and high-quality thrusters.

    2. How did Blue Robotics revolutionize the thruster market?

    Instead of using traditional methods, Blue Robotics built waterproof motors, reducing production costs significantly and offering thrusters at a fraction of the price of existing options.

    3. What industries benefit from Blue Robotics’ products?

    Blue Robotics’ products are utilized in various industries, with a significant presence in the aquaculture sector. Their thrusters are used to inspect nets, anchors, and chains in salmon farms.

    4. How successful has Blue Robotics been?

    Blue Robotics has sold over 100,000 thrusters to more than 12,000 customers worldwide and has experienced significant growth since its inception in 2014. Additionally, the company boasts a team of 55 dedicated individuals.

    5. What is Rusty Jehangir’s background?

    Rusty Jehangir, the founder of Blue Robotics, holds a master’s degree in aerospace engineering and has expertise in robotics. His diverse background includes experiences in the startup world and a deep passion for both engineering and music.