Thu. Sep 28th, 2023
    Kognitos: Making Programming Accessible Through Natural Language

    In the world of automation and programming, accessibility and ease of use have always been major challenges. Binny Gill, the Founder and CEO of Kognitos, recognized this problem and set out to create a solution. Kognitos is an automation platform that aims to make programming accessible to everyone through natural language.

    The genesis story behind Kognitos began when Binny’s son built a simple game in Python. Reflecting on his own experience from decades ago, Binny realized that programming had not become any easier over the years. This led him to explore different ways of teaching programming and ultimately inspired the creation of Kognitos.

    Kognitos is built on a first-of-its-kind interpreter for natural language code. It allows users to write code entirely in English, eliminating the need for translation into programming languages like Python. This opens up programming to a wider audience, including business users, financial analysts, and even high-school graduates processing invoices.

    From a business perspective, Kognitos has several advantages. It reduces the time required to build automation by removing the need for translation. Business users can leverage their specific functional knowledge to handle exceptions and teach Kognitos how to handle similar cases in the future. This reduces the burden on IT and increases compliance and accessibility, as all data is stored in English.

    One of the key components of Kognitos is the use of machine learning algorithms, including Generative AI. Kognitos combines a logical side (built on their patented interpreter) with a creative side (LLMs or Language Learning Models) to enhance its capabilities. The platform utilizes conversational exception handling and prompts techniques to understand and learn from user interactions.

    Kognitos differentiates itself from its competition by removing the need for highly trained developers or data scientists. This significantly reduces the cost and maintenance associated with automation. Business users can be actively involved in the automation process, while technical users can focus on building the automations as part of the governance process.

    Kognitos is primarily used at the enterprise level for high-volume, repetitive processes that involve many exceptions or variations. Common applications are found in Finance, Accounting, HR, and supply chain management.

    Binny Gill’s background in cloud software has influenced the vision for Kognitos. Just as cloud computing revolutionized access to computing resources, Kognitos aims to revolutionize access to programming resources. The overlap between cloud and Kognitos lies in their shared goal of accessibility and democratization.

    In conclusion, Kognitos is a groundbreaking automation platform that makes programming accessible to all through natural language. By eliminating the need for translation and leveraging machine learning algorithms, Kognitos empowers business users and reduces the cost and maintenance associated with automation.