Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    Exploring the World of Robotics at Robo Cup 23

    A group of students from The Bishop’s School in La Jolla recently showcased their robotics skills at the Robo Cup 23 competition in Bordeaux, France. The team, known as Knight Sky, participated in the Rapidly Manufactured Robot Challenge, where they were tasked with creating affordable robots that could be deployed in emergency situations.

    Led by faculty advisor Marcus Jaiclin and teacher Lani Keller, the team consisted of students Mia Gover, Millan Kumar, Sienna Li, Audrey Lin, and Ryan Zhu. Their robot, about the size of a cereal box, had to navigate challenging terrains, read signs to identify crises, and perform dexterity exercises in tight spaces. Despite facing obstacles such as stairs and sand, the team persevered and gained valuable insights for future designs.

    The competition provided an opportunity for Knight Sky to learn from other teams and explore new strategies. Audrey Lin, a member of the team, expressed her excitement about the open-source nature of robotics competitions, allowing them to study designs and code from other teams and apply them to their own projects. This collaborative environment fosters innovation and encourages students to constantly improve their skills.

    Beyond the technical aspects of the competition, Knight Sky also had the chance to interact with international teams. Audrey described the experience of having dinner with the Brazilian team and forming connections with people from different countries who share a common interest in robotics. These connections not only broaden their perspectives but also inspire unexpected approaches to problem-solving.

    Audrey’s passion for robotics began in elementary school, where she noticed the lack of female representation in the field. Despite initial doubts from some of her peers, she persevered and proved her abilities through winning competitions. Her dedication to robotics has only grown stronger over the years, fueled by the endless possibilities and applications of the field.

    The Robo Cup 23 competition showcased the real-world applications of robotics, going beyond simulations and games. The robots created by the participating teams have the potential to be used in actual disaster response scenarios. This hands-on experience allows students to apply their knowledge and skills in practical ways, preparing them for future careers in robotics and technology.

    Looking ahead, Knight Sky plans to continue participating in robotics competitions, including future Robo Cups. They are eager to further develop their problem-solving abilities, embrace innovation, and collaborate with teams from around the world. Through their dedication and creativity, these students are making remarkable strides in the field of robotics.


    What is the Robo Cup 23 competition?

    The Robo Cup 23 competition is an international event where teams from different countries showcase their robotics skills. It focuses on developing practical applications for robots that can be utilized during crises or disasters.

    What challenges did Knight Sky face in the competition?

    Knight Sky faced challenges such as navigating stairs taller than their robot and preventing sand from entering the gears and jeopardizing the robot’s performance.

    What did Audrey Lin learn from the competition?

    Audrey Lin gained valuable insights into improving their robot designs for future competitions. She also appreciated the open-source nature of robotics competitions, which allows teams to learn from each other and implement new strategies.

    How did the competition foster international connections?

    The competition provided an opportunity for Knight Sky to interact with teams from different countries. They had the chance to collaborate, share ideas, and learn from their international counterparts, expanding their perspectives and inspiring innovative approaches to problem-solving.