Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Bota Systems Introduces Universal Robot FT Sensor Kit for Collaborative Robots

    Bota Systems, a leader in multi-axis force-torque sensors, has unveiled its new Universal Robot FT Sensor Kit. This highly sensitive six-axis force-torque sensor has been certified by Universal Robots (UR) for use with their collaborative robots, including the latest UR20 model.

    The certification allows Bota Systems to join the UR+ ecosystem, a growing group of partners approved by UR for use with their robots. This partnership gives customers the assurance of selecting best-in-class solutions, such as Bota’s sensors, while saving development time and reducing risk.

    The Universal Robot FT Sensor Kit, now listed on UR’s website, includes everything necessary to quickly get started. The kit consists of the lightweight SensONE sensor traducer with integrated electronics, cabling, power supply, and adapters and fasteners. It also provides URCap software that seamlessly integrates with UR’s graphical programming interface PolyScope. The software includes drivers for accessing force torque data and program templates to simplify the creation of force-sensitive applications and accelerate development.

    According to Dr. Martin Wermelinger, Head of Robotics at Bota Systems, the company’s sensors are an excellent match for UR’s robots, providing precise haptic feedback for applications that require high precision.

    Susanne Nördinger, UR+ Ecosystem Manager EMEA at Universal Robots, explains that while UR’s cobots are impressive, many tasks are best solved in combination with devices from trusted partners. This is why the UR+ ecosystem was created, allowing customers to discover products and connect with reliable partners to complete their cobot solutions.

    The UR20 model, UR’s top-end collaborative robot, boasts an impressive reach of up to 1750 mm and can handle payloads of up to 20 kg. With a compact diameter of just 245 mm, this industrial cobot is ideal for automating applications that require lifting heavy objects over longer distances.

    A robotic force torque sensor is a device that measures force and torque when applied to its surface. These sensors provide real-time feedback control to enable robots to perform challenging interaction tasks. The most common type of sensor used in robotics is a complete six-axis sensor, capable of measuring forces and torques on three axes each.

    This new Universal Robot FT Sensor Kit from Bota Systems is a valuable addition to the growing ecosystem of UR+ approved partners, offering customers reliable and precise force-torque sensing capabilities for their collaborative robot applications.


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