Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    Exploring the Future of Robotics and Automation at Brats & Robots Event

    Brats & Robots, a groundbreaking event held at the Alliant Energy Center, captivated attendees with its cutting-edge displays of robotics and automation technology. Organized by Techmaster Inc., a renowned automation distributor, the event successfully combined a tradeshow, career fair, and fundraiser into a single enthralling experience.

    While the event attracted professionals from the robotics and automation field to witness the latest products and technological advancements, its primary focus was to spark interest among students and introduce them to the limitless possibilities of this rapidly evolving industry. Field sales engineer Riley Zehner emphasized the significance of dispelling misconceptions about robots: “We aim to educate students about industrial robots, collaborative robots, and their potential applications. Witnessing this technology firsthand often leaves them exhilarated and inspired.”

    Brats & Robots left a lasting impact by committing 100% of its profits to providing Wisconsin schools with essential robotics and automation education equipment. With this endeavor, the event not only showcased the latest advancements but also aimed to bridge the gap between industry and education, empowering the next generation of innovators.


    Q: What is the purpose of Brats & Robots?
    A: The event aims to showcase the latest robotics and automation technology, spark interest among students, and support Wisconsin schools with essential education equipment.

    Q: Who organized Brats & Robots?
    A: The event was organized by Techmaster Inc., an esteemed automation distributor.

    Q: What were the highlights of Brats & Robots?
    A: The event featured a tradeshow, career fair, and fundraiser, providing a comprehensive experience for attendees. It offered professionals in the field an opportunity to explore the latest products and technology while introducing students to the remarkable potential of robotics and automation.

    Q: How were the profits from the event utilized?
    A: 100% of the profits contributed to equipping Wisconsin schools with robotics and automation education equipment.

    (Source: WMTV)