Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Burges Salmon Advises Danu Robotics on Investment from Sustainable Ventures

    Burges Salmon, a leading UK law firm, has provided legal advice to Danu Robotics, a robotics and AI-powered start-up focused on developing sustainable technological solutions for the recycling and waste management industry. The advice was provided on the investment received by Danu from green investor Sustainable Ventures.

    As part of the investment, Danu Robotics will join Sustainable Ventures’ accelerator program. This program will not only provide support and resources to help the company grow its team, but also assist in the commercialization and engineering development of its innovative solutions. The goal is to enable Danu Robotics to scale its impact and contribute to a more sustainable and circular economy.

    The Burges Salmon team that advised Danu Robotics was led by Niall Mackle, an associate based in Edinburgh, and Danny Lee, a partner from the firm’s corporate group. The advice was delivered through the firm’s BScale service, which offers support to early-stage businesses in scaling up their operations by providing corporate, regulatory, tax, employment, and commercial guidance.

    Niall Mackle expressed excitement about the investment from Sustainable Ventures, highlighting how it validates Danu Robotics’ expertise and their ability to execute their vision. He also mentioned that Burges Salmon is proud to have supported Danu Robotics through their early stages of development and is thrilled to witness their growth through this fundraising.

    Xiaoyan Ma, co-founder of Danu Robotics, expressed gratitude towards Burges Salmon for their support and guidance. Ma specifically recognized Niall and Danny’s understanding of their business and vision, and their commitment to helping them seize every opportunity.

    Overall, this investment from Sustainable Ventures marks an important milestone for Danu Robotics and reaffirms their potential to make a significant impact in the recycling and waste management industry. With the support of Burges Salmon, they are well-positioned to realize their vision and become a successful and sustainable business.


    – Burges Salmon (no URL)