Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
    Australia’s C.R. Kennedy & Company Partners with Exyn Technologies to Enhance Autonomous Aerial Robot Systems

    C.R. Kennedy & Company, Australia’s largest distributor of geospatial instruments, has strengthened its strategic partnership with Exyn Technologies, a US-based company specializing in autonomous aerial robot systems. The partnership aims to provide a comprehensive solution for capturing critical and time-sensitive data in complex and GPS-denied environments for industries such as mining, logistics, and construction.

    With its extensive distribution network and deep understanding of the Australian market, C.R. Kennedy will play a crucial role in helping Exyn penetrate and cater to the specific needs of the region. The company, which has over 280 professionals, made the decision to sell the Exyn system based on factors such as reliability, after-sales support, and future developments.

    According to Robert Kennedy, Managing Director of C.R. Kennedy, no other system comes close to the reliability of ExynAero, which has impressed Australian underground surveyors with its exceptional after-sales support. He also highlighted Exyn’s commitment to research and development, as evidenced by regular software updates with improved functionality. Exyn’s groundbreaking Level 4 Autonomy has placed them ahead of their competition.

    Exyn Technologies has also secured investment from Aero X Ventures, an early-stage venture firm specializing in aerospace and defense technologies. This investment will further fuel Exyn’s innovation and expansion into new markets, solidifying their position as a market leader in autonomous robotics.

    Ben Williams, COO of Exyn, expressed excitement about having Aero X Ventures and C.R. Kennedy as investors, emphasizing the value of their expertise and resources in driving innovation and revolutionizing the autonomous robotics landscape. The partnership will unlock new opportunities for both companies.

    Overall, the strengthened partnership between C.R. Kennedy & Company and Exyn Technologies sets the stage for advancements in autonomous aerial robot systems, benefiting industries that rely on accurate and timely data collection in challenging environments.

    – Exyn Technologies
    – C.R. Kennedy & Company
    – Aero X Ventures