Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    The Future of Loss Prevention: Enhancing Retail Security with AI-Enabled Systems

    Loss prevention is a constant challenge for food retailers, with theft and inventory shrinkage being significant issues. Brad Bogolea, CEO of Simbe Robotics, Inc., believes that finding effective solutions lies in better understanding the types and locations of theft. However, traditional methods often fall short in providing the necessary visibility.

    Simbe Robotics has developed an innovative solution to address this problem: Tally, an autonomous inventory robot. Equipped with 3D computer vision technology, Tally collects highly accurate shelf data in real-time, helping retailers identify missing items and detect large-scale theft. By harnessing AI-enabled technology, Tally is proving to be a game-changer in loss prevention.

    Beyond its surveillance capabilities, Tally also serves as a deterrent to theft. Bogolea explains that the mere presence of Tally roaming store aisles has proven to be valuable in preventing potential incidents. With a comprehensive understanding of what is happening on store shelves, Tally provides retailers with the necessary information to keep their products fresh, well-stocked, and competitively priced.

    As retailers increasingly recognize the potential of solutions like Tally, Simbe Robotics is exploring how AI-enabled technology can further optimize loss prevention efforts. By fully instrumenting every aspect of the grocery business, including shelves and cash registers, a multi-modal approach to retail security can be achieved. The future grocery store, according to Bogolea, will be perpetually instrumented with technology that goes beyond human capabilities, such as sensor technology that can analyze food in ways unseen by the human eye.

    The success of Tally has already been demonstrated, with ShopRite and SpartanNash implementing the technology in multiple store locations. Wakefern Food Corp. plans to expand Tally’s use, leveraging its inventory management optimization capabilities. SpartanNash, on the other hand, aims to enhance its guest and associate experiences through Tally’s deployment.

    Simbe Robotics continues to innovate and adapt Tally’s capabilities to different retail formats. This year, they developed specialized features for the warehouse club format, in preparation for a chainwide deployment across BJ’s Wholesale Club locations.

    With AI-enabled systems like Tally, the future of retail security and loss prevention is becoming increasingly promising. The ability to proactively detect and deter theft, optimize inventory management, and enhance the overall customer experience highlights the significant role technology plays in addressing the challenges faced by today’s food retailers.


    1. How does Tally collect data?

    Tally collects data through its 3D computer vision technology, which captures highly accurate shelf data in real-time.

    2. Can Tally help detect organized retail crime?

    Yes, Tally’s real-time data intelligence allows retailers to identify when significant amounts of products are leaving stores, often indicating organized retail crime.

    3. Can Tally prevent theft?

    While not a guarantee, Tally’s presence in store aisles has proven to be a deterrent to theft, significantly reducing the likelihood of incidents.

    4. Which retailers are using Tally?

    Retailers like ShopRite, SpartanNash, and BJ’s Wholesale Club have already introduced Tally in their store locations, optimizing their inventory management and enhancing the overall shopping experience.