Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    CaPow Expands to the US, Revolutionizing Mobile Robot Power Delivery

    CaPow, a pioneer in perpetual power solutions for robotic fleets, has announced its expansion to the US market. Through a partnership with JLC Robotics, a leading distributor and supplier of AGV robots, CaPow’s robot agnostic solution will now be available to mobile robot operators across the country.

    CaPow’s Genesis solution revolutionizes the way mobile robots are designed and deployed by providing continuous power delivery while in motion. This eliminates the need for robots to stop and charge, ensuring 100% operational uptime and efficiency. By removing charging downtime, upfront costs are reduced and fleet uptime is maximized.

    The scalable Genesis solution can be easily integrated into existing or newly designed mobile robots, making it a seamless transition for warehouse operators. With CaPow’s technology, charging stations and batteries are no longer necessary, freeing up space in warehouses and creating a safer work environment.

    Prof. Mor M. Peretz, CEO and Co-Founder of CaPow, emphasizes the limitations and inefficiencies of current charging systems, stating that perpetual power in motion opens up new opportunities and use cases for mobile robots that were not previously considered. The expansion to the US market marks an important step in CaPow’s global leadership in power delivery for mobile robots.

    JLC Robotics is excited to partner with CaPow, recognizing the game-changing impact of their perpetual power solution. The demand for CaPow’s Genesis system is already high, as it solves multiple problems for clients and offers a unique solution not found elsewhere.

    Overall, CaPow’s expansion to the US market brings new possibilities to warehouse and manufacturing operators, allowing them to effectively manage their mobile robotic fleets and maximize operational efficiency.

    – CaPow
    – JLC Robotics