Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    Spot Bots and Leopard Bots Showcase Ingenuity at Robotics Competition

    Two Lego robotics teams, the Live Oak Spot Bots and Live Oak Leopard Bots, recently participated in the Valencia Qualifying competition, marking the start of their season. The teams, consisting of talented young minds from the Castaic Union School District, impressed judges with their ingenuity and skills.

    The Spot Bots, represented by Bella Herrera, Carter Reiber, and Eddie Zenkner, as well as the Leopard Bots, represented by Andrew Perez, Tanner Kalan, Leo Garcia, and Annalie Garcia, not only designed their robots but also meticulously coded them to perform various tasks within a limited time frame. Their dedication and hard work paid off as they achieved remarkable scores and impressed judges during the competition’s judging panels.

    Scores from the judges, combined with the game scores, determined the teams that would advance to the Regional Qualifier in December. The Spot Bots achieved their highest team score yet, an impressive 235 points. On the other hand, the Leopard Bots faced initial challenges but showed resilience and finished with a commendable score of 155 points.

    During the award ceremony, the Spot Bots were thrilled to clinch first place in overall Core Values for the second consecutive year. However, there was a moment of confusion when their team number wasn’t announced among the advancing teams. Luckily, an email later clarified the error, and the Spot Bots will indeed be advancing to the Regional Qualifier.

    The entire Castaic Union School District community, including families and coaches, is immensely proud of the hard work and determination displayed by these young innovators. Looking ahead, coaches Lara Frandzel and Jackson Strahs are already considering program expansions for the upcoming year, further nurturing the talents and skills of the robotics teams.


    Q: What is the Valencia Qualifying competition?

    A: The Valencia Qualifying competition is a robotics competition where teams design and code Lego robots to complete specific tasks within a time limit.

    Q: How are the teams judged?

    A: The teams are judged based on their performance in the game tasks, robot design, coding skills, innovation project, and adherence to core values.

    Q: How many teams advance to the Regional Qualifier?

    A: Out of the 29 participating teams, 17 teams advance to the Regional Qualifier based on their scores from judges and game tasks.

    Q: What is the significance of the Spot Bots’ highest team score?

    A: The Spot Bots achieved their highest team score ever, which demonstrates their progress and improvement over the years of the program.

    Q: Will the Leopard Bots participate in postseason play?

    A: Yes, the Leopard Bots will also take part in postseason play, although not as a qualifier for the Regional Qualifier.