Mon. Dec 11th, 2023
    Chelsea Middle School’s Robotics Teams Excel at Regional Qualifier, Anticipate State Championships

    A technological revolution took place in Chelsea as the robotics teams from Beach Middle School showcased their exceptional skills at the recent regional qualifier. On November 11, 2023, the teams gathered at Forsythe Middle School in Ann Arbor to put their engineering prowess to the ultimate challenge.

    The Chelsea Gremlins, an all-girls team, stole the show with their impressive performance. With precision programming and mechanical finesse, they secured a remarkable 4th place in the overall rankings. Additionally, the Gremlins were recognized for their inspiring cooperation and engagement, receiving the prestigious “Motivate Award.” This recognition serves as a testament to their unwavering spirit and dedication. The triumph of the Gremlins has paved their way to the highly anticipated state robotics competition.

    Not to be outshined, the Chelsea Glitch team achieved a commendable 9th place finish. Collaborating with the Walnut Creek CyberHawks, they formed an alliance that showcased exceptional problem-solving abilities and camaraderie. Together, these teams demonstrated the power of teamwork and exemplified the true essence of robotics.

    The Chelsea Crash team proved their mettle by navigating the complexities of the competition, securing a respectable 19th place. Their unwavering determination and persistence in the face of challenges revealed a unique strength that sets them apart.

    These three teams, the Chelsea Crash, Chelsea Glitch, and Chelsea Gremlins, have consistently displayed growth and success in the field of robotics since their inception in 2016. Their impressive standings after the qualifier are a testament to their unwavering dedication and strategic finesse.

    The Chelsea Robotics Club, affiliated with FIRST Robotics, plays a vital role in nurturing future leaders and innovators in science and technology. Under the guidance of head coach Marka Eberle, assistant Stephen Eberle, and a dedicated team of mentors, K-12 students have the opportunity to engage with robotics and develop their technical skills.

    As the gears of the FIRST Tech Challenge robotics season keep turning, the next league meet is scheduled to take place at the Chelsea Robotics Center on November 18. These young minds are eagerly preparing to embark on the next phase of their robotics journey.


    Q: What awards did the Chelsea Gremlins receive at the regional qualifier?
    A: The Chelsea Gremlins received the “Motivate Award” for their inspiring spirit of cooperation and engagement.

    Q: How did the Chelsea Glitch team perform at the qualifier?
    A: The Chelsea Glitch team achieved a commendable 9th place finish at the regional qualifier.

    Q: When was the Chelsea Robotics Club established?
    A: The Chelsea Robotics Club was established in 2016.

    Q: Who oversees the Chelsea Robotics Club?
    A: The Chelsea Robotics Club is overseen by head coach Marka Eberle and assistant Stephen Eberle, along with a team of dedicated mentors and coaches.