Wed. Dec 6th, 2023
    The Future of Humanoid Robots: Chinese Robotics Companies Surge on Government Guidance

    Shares of Chinese robotics companies experienced a significant surge following the release of an official government guidance on developing the humanoid robots industry. This move is seen by analysts as an indication of forthcoming supportive policies from the Chinese government. In early trading on mainland bourses Friday, more than a dozen companies in the sector witnessed substantial gains.

    Guangzhou Haozhi Industrial and Ningbo Zhongda Leader Intelligent Transmission emerged as top performers, with their shares rising by their daily limits of 20% and 10% respectively. Other notable gainers include Shanghai Anlogic Infotech, which jumped 4.3%, Zhejiang Shuanghuan Driveline and Kinco Automation (Shanghai) with advances of 4.0% and 12% respectively, and Shenzhen Inovance Technology, which witnessed a 4.2% increase. While only a few Chinese companies currently produce humanoid robots, many others specialize in key component manufacturing such as motors, sensors, reduction gears, and encoders.

    The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China unveiled comprehensive guidance that encompasses both three- and five-year strategic plans for the development of humanoid robots. The overarching goal of this initiative is to foster the emergence of two to three Chinese companies as global leaders in the industry by 2025, while encouraging smaller and medium-sized enterprises to carve out specialized niches in the field. Moreover, the guidance outlines the establishment of a reliable supply chain by 2027. The document also highlights the potential of humanoid robots as a product of disruptive innovation, akin to computers, smartphones, and new energy vehicles.

    Analysts from Citic Securities, a leading Chinese investment bank, view this government guidance as a clear signal of forthcoming supportive policies. They believe that this guidance will lay the foundation for industrial policy support, effectively stimulating and bolstering China’s humanoid robot industry. The analysts specifically recommend Harbin Boshi Automation, Xiaomi, and XPeng as companies with a demonstrated capacity for developing humanoid robots, poised to benefit from the government’s ambitious goal of achieving global success in the field. According to Orient Securities analyst Zhen Yang, the guidance opens up accelerating opportunities for localizing core component production and high-end equipment. Huafu Securities analysts Wei Deng and Baolai You perceive the government’s guidance as a significant milestone in technology competition and anticipate that the detailed measures will further spur the development of the supply chain.

    By releasing this guidance, the Chinese government not only showcases its commitment to bolstering the domestic humanoid robot industry but also solidifies the country’s position as a potential global leader in the field. The surge in stock prices for Chinese robotics companies reflects optimism among investors about the future prospects of this emerging sector.


    1. What is the significance of the government guidance on developing humanoid robots in China?

    The government guidance provides a clear direction for the development of the humanoid robot industry in China and signals forthcoming supportive policies. It aims to cultivate global industry leaders and foster specialization among small and medium-sized companies in the sector.

    2. Which Chinese companies are recommended by analysts as potential leaders in the humanoid robot industry?

    Analysts from Citic Securities recommend Harbin Boshi Automation, Xiaomi, and XPeng as companies with the capacity to develop humanoid robots and benefit from the government’s goal of achieving global success in the field.

    3. What are the key components in the production of humanoid robots?

    Key components in the production of humanoid robots include motors, sensors, reduction gears, and encoders.

    4. How does the government guidance impact the development of the supply chain?

    The detailed measures outlined in the government guidance are expected to boost the development of the supply chain for humanoid robots, presenting new opportunities for localizing the production of core components and high-end equipment.